Three Ingredient Mincemeat Fudge

Saturday 13 November 2021
With only three ingredients, no tricky temperatures or boiling hot sugar required, this festive microwave Mincemeat Fudge is quick and easy to make. Add a slug of your favourite alcoholic spirit for a boozy kick. Ideal for a last minute edible Christmas gift.

It's the countdown to Christmas and time to roll out the festive fudge. Lots of you have already been making the previous recipes that I've shared and coming up with your own variations. Today's version is even simpler with only three ingredients. Chocolate, Condensed Milk and Mincemeat. For an extra boozy twist I used my own homemade Gin Mincemeat. You could easily pimp up a jar of supermarket ready made mincemeat with a good slug of something boozy. Whisky, gin, port or brandy would all work well. 

Firstly a quick reminder of previous festive fudge variants...

And the answers to frequently asked questions...
  • You can make it with white, milk or dark chocolate. I use supermarket own brand which works just fine. More expensive chocolate may be even better, I just haven’t tried it!
  • You can make it in a bowl over boiling water if you don’t have a microwave.
  • You MUST use condensed milk NOT evaporated milk or it won't work.

Microwave Mincemeat Fudge
150g Mincemeat 
500g Milk Chocolate
1 x 397g tin Condensed Milk

Line a traybake tin (approx 34cm x 20 cm) with baking paper.
Break up the chocolate and put in a microwavable bowl along with the condensed milk. Microwave in a series of 30 second bursts.
Remove, stir and check each time until it the chocolate has melted.
Beat well with a wooden spoon until smooth.
Add the mincemeat and stir to combine.
*** At this point you need to work quickly ***
Tip the fudge into the prepared tin and spread it with a palette knife into a smooth and even layer.
Place the tray of fudge in the fridge to set for at least four hours (or ideally overnight).
Once hard cut into chunks with a large knife.

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  1. Just tried this recipe today, and it was both easy and very good Thanks for sharing!


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