Dog Friendly places to Eat in Aberdeen

Sunday 2 June 2019
Over fifty dog friendly places to eat and drink in Aberdeen City and Shire. Your four legged friend will be made very welcome in this selection of Cafes, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Pubs. 

Originally posted Feb 2018, updated June 2019

Much to my daughters disgust we don't have a dog. Because of this we are the worst parents ever. As such she takes every opportunity possible to engage with four legged friends and is always happy to doggy walk and sit for friends (or complete strangers!) For her the Long Dog Cafe is all about the dogs and the freakshakes are secondary! Today's post came about due to a series of interrelated events. A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a researcher from the Kay Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland wondering if I'd like to appear on air and object to the proliferation of dogs in eateries. I declined. Despite not being a dog owner, give me a well behaved dog in a cafe over a badly behaved human any day of the week! 

A couple of days later I was having coffee at Hammerton Store with Camilla of (designer extraordinaire of print, pattern and silk scarves) meanwhile my daughter was walking her adorable pup Tattie round the block before joining us inside. We got talking about doggy friendly places in the city and the fact that we were to be having a Jack Russel called Pippa coming to stay with us for the weekend as our first match via BorrowMyDoggy I already knew of quite a few places and Camilla and Tattie told me some more of their favourite haunts. Back at my laptop I shared those I knew of on my Foodie Quine Facebook page and asked my followers to suggest others. Before I knew it the post had grown arms and legs and had been seen by more than 15,000 people with in excess of 50 dog friendly places to eat and drink suggested in the city and immediate surrounds of the shire. 

Pippa has a pitstop at The Liberty Kitchen 

What follows is the list as it stands. All of which have been recommended to me in good faith but PLEASE double check before making a special outing with your 4 legged friend. In order to make this post a wee bit more exciting than just a series of links to Facebook pages, I asked some of my friends and blogging buddies to share photos of their pooches eating out in Aberdeen. Needless to say they were only too happy to oblige!

Storm eyeing up a Freakshake at The Long Dog (his human is Annabell Rose)


Walter about to tuck into a Doggy Cone at Aunty Bettys 

(his human is Hannah at littleredblog)


Harley visits FoodStory (his human is Christy at Dinner Stories

Cool Gourmet, Stonehaven
The Old Pier, Stonehaven (downstairs only)
Scallywags, Stonehaven
The Stack Restaurant and Bar, Muchalls (bar only)
DogTap, Ellon
Birdhouse Café, Banchory
Potarch Cafe & Restaurant Ballogie Estate
The Craft Bar, Pitmedden
Meldrum House (Cave Bar only)
Ceann Torr, Kintore
Strachans, Inverurie
The Broadstraik Inn, Elrick (bar only)
Grampian Transport Museum, Alford (museum & cafe) 

Douglas ponders over Pizza and Brew Dog at Dog Tap (his human is Sarah Ritchie

In addition to sharing recommendations on the thread a couple of people also suggested a free app called Petlas. Turns out this had recently been developed and launched in Aberdeen. Co-founder Stephanie got in touch with me about it and to complete the circle and prove the theory of six degrees of separation she'd been the guest on the Kay Adams show on BBC Radio Scotland that I would have been up against! It really is a small world. I caught up with her and Harley over a coffee at Grub to find out a bit more about Petlas.

Harley visits Bonobo (his human is Stephanie at Petlas) 

Over to Stephanie... 

Petlas - the pet atlas - is a free app to help people spend more quality time with their pets by discovering and sharing pet-friendly and pet-related locations around the world. There are loads of categories including restaurants, hotels, holiday cottages, parks, vets - not to mention doggy poop bins! It has been so exciting seeing everyone sharing and adding to the Petlas map, not only in the UK, but also across Europe, North America, and even Australia! We have over 100,000 locations in these places and growing. 

The idea for Petlas came from travelling with my dog, Harley. My partner Didier and I travel a lot with Harley. On one of our trips last summer, we travelled across Scotland on our motorbikes with Harley riding as Didier’s passenger. The thing about travelling with a dog - and any dog owner will agree - you’ve got to plan in advance. Anything less turns into a stressful ordeal. 

Everywhere we went, we struggled with finding places to stay and eat - but when we did, it was always a remarkable stumble-upon. Every pet-friendly place was a gem. The people were warm and welcoming, and Harley was always comfortable. Petlas isn’t just about making travel easier for pet owners. It’s about sharing undiscovered treasures, making new discoveries, and spending more quality time with our pets.

Download Petlas on IOS or Android at

Tattie in a bag at Cult of Coffee (her human is Mimi Hammill)

Cocoa and Hugo enjoy brunch at The Long Dog Cafe 

♥ Pin me for later... Over fifty dog friendly places to eat and drink in Aberdeen City and Shire. Your four legged friend will be made very welcome in this selection of Cafes, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Pubs.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or collaborative post. I just want to share all the doggy love that is to be found within local eateries and spread the word about an Aberdeen start up business.


  1. Hatton Mill pub in Hatton Aberdeenshire is dog friendly, so is the Bobbin in the city

  2. The Wig in Aberdeen City is Dog Friendly.

  3. The Broadstraik in Westhill/ Elrick is very dog friendly you can eat in the bar with your dogs andthey have a lovely fire in the winter too

  4. The Craft Bar in Pitmedden is dog friendly.

  5. Hello! Do you know if Fennel now allows dogs inside as I've been before and they only let dogs sit outside :) Thanks

    1. You'd need to check with them firectly. As stated in the post 'All have been recommended to me in good faith but PLEASE double check before making a special outing with your 4 legged friend.'

  6. Drifters and Scallywags Stonehaven are dog friendly

  7. Tattie is SO stylish! So many beautiful places thanks for sharing Claire x


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