Honey Bee Sandwiches

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Bento box honey bees! Get buzzy in the kitchen and create a hive full of honey bee sandwiches for a summer picnic or lunchbox. Kids will love them and they are perfect for any party especially if it's Winnie the Pooh, or bugs and insects themed. 

I LOVE cute food. Always have done. When I was wee there was a double page spread in my Mum's Reader's Digest 'The Cookery Year' cookbook which I used to pour over. It was a birthday party table full of the cutest (albeit 1970's style) kids food. How I longed for pear bunnies on a jelly lawn and a clock cake. A fair few cute foods have made it onto my blog and social media in the past. Oatcake & Cheese Easter Chicks, Olive Penguins, Shortbread Kilts, Tunnock's Teacake Sheep and now Honey Bee Sandwiches. 

Honey Bee Sandwiches

Makes 2 bees

3 slices white bread
1 slice brown bread
Blueberries, Carrots, Strawberries, Cucumber

Wash your hands for 20 seconds before getting buzzy in the kitchen.
Using a large scone/cookie cutter (or an upturned pint glass) cut out three white circles and one brown circle from the bread to make the bee bodies.
Using a smaller cookie cutter (or upturned shot glass) cut four wings. Cut these overlapping where you cut the bodies so you get four half circles.
Place the large brown circle of bread on top of one of the large circles of white bread and cut into four stripes.
Spread honey on the two white bee bodies and stick the stripes on top.
Spread honey of the edges for the four wings and stick them onto the bee bodies.
Use half a blueberry for an eye and stick it on with honey.
Use cookie cutters or clean play-doh cutters to make fruit and leaves to surround your bees.

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