S’mores Tiffin

Wednesday, 21 February 2018
The prefect no bake traybake to take to Scout - or any other Camp. S'mores Tiffin is a clever twist on a classic which will leave everyone wanting some more. Any recipe with 'blow torch' in the ingredients has got to be fun?!

Confession time. This recipe is not one of mine. Fear not, there's been no plagiarising, instead it was created by my son. He's now a strapping 15 year old so not sure if I can still refer to him as 'Foodie Boy'. When I first started this blog he was 9 and had aspirations to be a sushi chef. The career goal may have changed (it's now a Lighting Technician and studying for a BA in Production Technology and Management at the Royal Conservatoire) but he still has a huge love of food and will give pretty much anything a try in the kitchen. So when the request came to bring some home-bakes along to a Scouting Jamboree Training weekend it wasn't going to be me that would be making them! 


Scottish Cullen Skink Crepes

Monday, 12 February 2018
Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a Scottish twist. Taking all the flavours of a traditional Cullen Skink soup - Smoked Haddock, Potatoes, Leeks and Milk - and using them as a savoury pancake day filling. Say Bonjour to Crepes with a Scottish accent. Much to good to save only for Pancake Day!

For the uninitiated, Cullen Skink possibly doesn't sound the most enticing of foods but I can assure you that it is. Hailing from Cullen, a small fishing village on the North East coast of Scotland, it's a hearty soup made of milk, smoked fish, potatoes and leeks. If you fancy giving it a go head to my recipe for Cullen Skink - A traditional Scottish Smoked Haddock Soup. I'm a huge fan of savoury crepes/pancakes so with pancake day beckoning and purchases of leeks and smoked haddock made at Stonehaven Farmer's Market I decided to combine them both in my Cullen Skink Crepes.


Edible Scottish Adventures - January 2018

Saturday, 3 February 2018
Wasn't January a drag? Whether you were teetotal, vegan, gin soaked or just plain bored, broke and miserable! Let's hope February brings better things - particularly as I spend a lot of January with serious toothache due to an abscess. Fingers crossed root canal treatment next week will put paid to all the aggro. My roundup post last month Edible Scottish Adventures - December 2017 seemed to go down pretty well so I'm going to keep going in a similar vein. Lots of my Edible Scottish Adventures don't make it as far as my blog, featuring only on my social media accounts (find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). However I know that Facebook in particular likes to play hide and seek so sometimes only a small percentage of my followers actually see my posts. Here's what you may have missed that happened in January....

When it came to my logo It was farewell to the figgy pudding and roll out the haggis. As with all the versions of my branding this is by the fantastic Camilla Hammil. Find her at mimihammill.com where she's also rather good at silk scarves. Won't be long until the Easter Egg puts in an appearance. 

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