S’mores Tiffin

Wednesday 21 February 2018
The prefect no bake traybake to take to Scout - or any other Camp. S'mores Tiffin is a clever twist on a classic which will leave everyone wanting some more. Any recipe with 'blow torch' in the ingredients has got to be fun?!

Confession time. This recipe is not one of mine. Fear not, there's been no plagiarising, instead it was created by my son. He's now a strapping 15 year old so not sure if I can still refer to him as 'Foodie Boy'. When I first started this blog he was 9 and had aspirations to be a sushi chef. The career goal may have changed (it's now a Lighting Technician and studying for a BA in Production Technology and Management at the Royal Conservatoire) but he still has a huge love of food and will give pretty much anything a try in the kitchen. So when the request came to bring some home-bakes along to a Scouting Jamboree Training weekend it wasn't going to be me that would be making them! 

S'mores are a traditional Campfire treat within Scouting, although it is the Girl Scouts who are widely credited with inventing the concept of sandwiching a fire roasted marshmallow between Graham Crackers and chocolate and calling it a S’more. In the UK Digestive Biscuits make a good substitute if you can't get hold of Graham Crackers (pronounced Gram not Grey-ham) in the International Aisle of the supermarket. S'more is of course a contraction of the phrase 'some more'. I'm not really much of a marshmallow fan if truth be told but boy was this creation good. If you can't get hold of the Mega Marshmallows you could of course use regular sized ones however 12 of these bad boys make the whole portioning up into 24 slices a piece of cake and add to the overall effect of the bake.

The reason for the training camp was that my son has been selected to be one of 216 Scottish Scouts who will be heading stateside to West Virginia for the 24th World Scout Jamboree in 2019. This is a huge event (over 50,000 participants) which takes place every 4 years and it is a fantastic opportunity and a real honour for him to be attending. The initial training camp was his first opportunity to meet up with the 4 leaders and 35 other participants who will make up the 40 strong contingent of 'Northern Nessies' flying the flag for Unit 93. I am so excited on his behalf about the experiences he will have, skills he will gain and the friendships he will make. He'll spend 10 days at the Jamboree itself which will be held at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve plus time before and after to include a Big City Experience and Hosted Hospitality. Part of camp life will include eating new foods so perhaps he'll come back with some more recipes for me to share.

S'Mores Tiffin

225g Graham Crackers (or Digestives) Crushed
110g Butter

Chocolate Layer
125g Butter
3 Tbsp Golden Syrup
200g Dark Chocolate
100g Milk Chocolate

12 Mega Marshmallows
Blow Torch

Line a 24cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper.
Melt the butter in a pan and mix in the finely crushed Graham Crackers or Digestives
Press the biscuit mixture down firmly into the lined tin.
Chill in the fridge for approx 30 mins (or 10 mins in the freezer if you are a Scout in a hurry!)
Break up the chocolate and melt it in a pan over a low heat along with the butter and golden syrup. Stir constantly. 
Once melted and combined pour the chocolate mixture over the biscuit base and smooth.
Cut the Mega marshmallows in half and arrange them symetrically with the cut sude down into the chocolate.
Return to fridge and leave until fully set - 2 hours
Use a blowtoruch to toast the marshmallows to your liking. Alternativey brown under the grill.
Cut into 24 squares.


  1. these look so so good! Love all things s'mores

  2. My inner Canadian wholeheartedly approves! Gosh I miss proper graham crackers - I could eat those by the boxful! LOVE the look of this recipe!

  3. Oh I could try that with vegan marshmallows, now I have a fairly local supplier. YUM!


  4. Oh boy do these sound good, love s'mores but have never tried them with Graham Crackers so need to find some!

  5. Your boy is going to go far I can tell! Recipes looks fab another must try for me. Thank you for linking to #CookBlogShare.

  6. mmmmmm another gorgeously delicious recipe from you Claire , how perfect ! I have never tried a Graham cracker before but see them used often in American recipes . thank you for linking to #Bakeoftheweek x

  7. They look amazing - very impressive! Looks like your son is following in his Mum’s footsteps!

  8. Ooh yum what a great recipe! We might have Guide camp soon, I bet my daughter would love to make these when she goes!


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