Barn with Silo Gingerbread House 2016

Saturday 7 January 2017

Regular readers will know that we have an annual tradition of festive Gingerbread House baking, building and decorating. I use the word 'we' with caution. The basic premise is that my Sister (Auntie Adele), Foodie Boy (Kyle) and Foodie Girl (Iona) do all the hard work and I take all the glory on social media for their gingerbread creation! It all started back in 2010 with an Ikea Gingerbread house and has progressed to more complex homemade builds over the last six years. In early December Boy and Girl were chuffed to be interviewed by Victoria Pease at STV online for a Scots Bloggers reveal how to make a showstopping Gingerbread House feature where they shared some of their top baking and decorating tips and revealed that their plans for Christmas 2016 were to build a Gingerbread Barn & Silo.

The plan they followed was by Gingerbread by Design for a Barn with Silo Gingerbread House and the gingerbread recipe was Mary Berry's. Alas a barn has no chimney so the tradition of a sprout perched on top had to take a break this year. New additions to the construction repertoire for 2016 included shutters, pretzels, coconut grass and soil.

Pretzels and Jelly Tots on the roof, Icing Icicles and snowdrifts, White Chocolate Button Stone Cladding and a Vegetable Patch with dessicated coconut soil and marzipan vegetables (carrots, sprouts and cabbage)

The silo tower made from nine gingerbread panels initially assembled around a can of beer! Topped with a dome baked over an upturned muffin tin.

Marzipan, fondant and pretzel Rudolph in his Barn (complete with glittery nose) looks out over his Chocolate Finger path.

Jelly Baby Jesus in the manger of Marzipan straw (made in a garlic crusher). Gingerbread and Mint Matchmaker ladder and Marzipan tree.

Roof decorated with Pretzels, Jelly Tots, Curly Wurlys, Smarties and Matchmakers.

A late addition to the farmyard - a fondant Olaf made by Foodie Girl sits next to a Flake log pile and boiled sweet pond.

Of course the whole point of a Gingerbread House at the end of the day is that it is edible. The Facebook live video above shows it's demolition prior to being eaten and enjoyed. I particularly love the plume of icing sugar dust as the barn gets smashed to smithereens.

Until next year...

♥ Pin me for later... Christmas 2016's Gingerbread House Creation. Barn with Farmyard, Silo, Vegetable Patch, Rudolph, Olaf and Jelly Baby Jesus in the manger.

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