1983 A Foodie blast from the past

Monday 13 May 2013
What were you up to in 1983? That's thirty years ago. I was ten. Even then I was a bit of a foodie quine.
This post is an entry for the #SpecialK30 Linky on BritMums. For the first time since 1983 Kellogs is updating one of its most popular cereals. We were sent a box of the new Special K to try with a new, more delicious and wholesome recipe. The new recipe contains three grains -rice, wheat and barley (previously there were two) - and is made with wholegrain, for a source of fibre as well as 8 vitamins and minerals.
I have to say that Special K is a cereal that I have dabbled with over the years and it certainly is tastier than many of its "healthy" compatriots. Its a really tasty breakfast (although I confess to the addition of a handful of sultanas), doesn't go soggy, doesn't taste of cardboard and doesn't make you feel like you are depriving yourself. I've done the special K challenge in the past and lost some lbs with it but never quite made it to the sleek red swimsuited look. Perhaps 1983 was my last chance at looking good in a skimpy red swimsuit.
For this blog post we were asked to compare how things had changed in the last 30 years. Back in 1983 we went on a family caravan holiday to Findhorn. A quaint village on the Moray coast with a glorious beach. I had a bit of a thing (and still do!) about keeping scrapbooks and on this occasion I drew what I ate on holiday. Goodness knows why I never pursued a career in food illustration.
So breakfast in 1983. No sign of Special K. Frosties and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes appeared to be the order of the day. Sophisticated tastes with Grapefruit and Alpen. Boy and Girl would definitely turn up their noses at those. I love the green melamine tableware which I remember well from our caravan. I actually spotted some of it on sale at a Vintage Fair on Saturday That made me feel very old. If I remember rightly "Just Drink" was a powdered orange juice that came in a sachet that you made up with water. Very modern.
Lunch (which we called dinner) in 1983 is looking pretty varied. I reckon "Pizza Grill" is some kind of tinned toast topper that you spread on and popped under the grill. Bacon and noodles ( I suspect supernoodles) on a green melamine plate. Liking my napkin from our restaurant lunch. My clever food illustration techniques depict the lid off my cheese and tomato roll for full dramatic effect.
This has to be my absolute favourite illustration from my scrapbook. 1983 lunch in a Chinese Restaurant.  I have recently been engaged in a twitter conversation with someone (lets call her H) who refuses to believe that "Fresh Fruit Juice" was ever a starter on menus. Now I have proof. I am only disappointed that my 10 year old self did not draw the accompanying saucer and paper doily. As for dessert of tinned fruit (two fruits?) and cream. Imagine if you were offered that today.
I'm going to have to have a stern word with my Mother about our Supper/Tea in '83. I know we were on holiday but chippy tea on three occasions?! Love my newspaper drawings and the headlines "The Dons Victory". 1983 is pretty much the last time Aberdeen FC had a victory. Boy is most perturbed by the idea of a Pineapple fritter supper. Do you not still get those? I do remember that the chip shop in Findhorn - The Bunty - did frogs legs suppers. Way ahead of its time.
I've loved my trip down memory lane. Thanks to Special K for prompting me to dig out my scrapbook. I wonder if in another 30 years I'll be looking back through my blog with similar hilarity.

Update June 2013
Guess what. I won. Alas a runners up prize not the iPad or Spa Vouchers but a prize none the less. 6 months supply of Special K. Anyone want a box?


  1. Ha ha, I love the orange juice starter! I found a menu of a special meal from the 80s in our attic once and it had orange juice or melon as the starter, LOL. I'd totally forgotten you got offered that as a 'course' back then!

    1. It wasn't even as though it was even fresh. Fresh from a packet!

  2. Pineapple supper was the first thing I ever had from a chippie and it's still my favourite!

    1. I'm going to have to introduce boy to its delights very soon.

  3. Siobhan Ingram14 May 2013 at 08:23

    I remember orange juice starter - for those who didn't like Scotch broth or prawn cocktail, classy! Great blog as usual, I like your drawings of Roc Cola & Feast lolly, great that you kept your journals :)

    1. My favourite 80's starter was Egg Mayonnaise - sadly don't get that these days either. Not sure that Feast or Roc Cola still exists.

  4. Love this post and the wonderful illustrations. Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  5. Can't believe I missed this post!!!! That is so funny you illustrating all your food back then.
    I remember fruit juice as a starter. I think it was quite posh in those days. Mind you, I am waaaaay you get than you - I was only 4 in 1983. ;)
    I love a pineapple supper. I always get a pineapple fritter along with whatever else I am getting from chipper. In fact, now you are making me have cravings.
    I think your drawings are ace. Especially the chipper supper ones.

    Well, I reckon you're going to be pretty sick of Special K very soon!

  6. I love this post! I can see why you won a prize in the challenge! It's awesome! :) What lovely scrapbook memories :D


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