Big Fat Gypsy Glamping

Wednesday 15 May 2013
I've managed to tick two more things off my bucket list in the past year. Stay in a Treehouse and visit a German Christmas Market. Another long standing wish of mine was to stay in a Gypsy Caravan. Not quite sure why, but I've always loved the look of them. I think Fred Dibnah towing one with his steam engine may have had something to do with it. After our Glamping trip to High Seas Hobbit I was determined to make it happen so had a quick Google and found some much closer to home than I had thought possible. Bramble Bield on the outskirts of Stirling in the shadow of the Wallace Monument.
Our Caravan for the night was "Holly" which is the largest of the three. She was gorgeous and we instantly fell in love with her. Boy and Girl are big Roald Dahl fans and Danny Champion of the World is their benchmark as far as Gypsy Caravans are concerned.
The interior can best be described as compact and bijou - but oh so cosy and shabby chic. Boy and Girl slept underneath our bed in the traditional "cupboard bed". They loved their little den but there was indeed a bumped head incident. An electric heater and tea/coffee making facilities provided home comforts and there were a surprising amount of cubby holes to stow belongings in.
Surprisingly we were the only people staying at Bramble Bield so we also got to have a sneaky peek into "Rowan" and "Bramley". Girl was very taken with Rowan as it's her middle name. The beds in her are a wee bit shorter so we opted for comfort over namesake.
Caravan number three is Bramley and she has been on the Estate since the 1920's. The smallest and less ornate of the three she is kitted out with bunk beds.
In addition to the caravans there is a Stable which provides communal facilities. Again we had this all to ourselves and it was fantastic. A fully equipped kitchen/diner with everything you could possibly need. Plus a shower and eco toilet.
Thankfully the weather was better this time round than on our last glamping trip so it was much easier and more pleasant to get the campfire and BBQ on the go. A selection of meaty goodies from Andrew Gordon Butchers hit the spot.
Then it was hot chocolate time. I'd been at Candy Belle Vintage Fair earlier in the day and picked up a gorgeous selection of retro kitchenalia including a beautiful French Enamel Teal Pan. It was perfect for the job.
Something a little stronger was also required. What better than a Cucumber G&T around the campfire. One of your five a day I reckon. 
As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the neighbouring sheep and boy and girl headed off to feed them. Also resident are some hens and two ducks - Charlotte and Henrietta. Much excitement in the morning when they went to collect the eggs. Thankfully their feathered friends had delivered.
Also delivered to the stable was a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, pastries, bread, cereal, yoghurts, juices and conserves. What a spread. We fired up the BBQ again for some bacon and sausages to go with our fresh eggs.
So where to next? I'm currently eyeing up a lighthouse and a houseboat. Further ahead the Ice Hotel in Finland is in my sights for my next significant Birthday. Meantime we've booked a return trip to High Seas Hobbit and I reckon we'll be back to Bramble Bield before long - need to make the most of it whilst boy and girl can still fit in the cupboard bed.


  1. Wow that's two more places on my 'must stay' list! Bramble bield& the hobbit look amazing! I'll have to wait a bit though as my youngest is only7 months& don't think they'll b travel cot friendly! I've always wanted to stay in the ice hotel and have a Croatian lighthouse holiday too. Love your blog

    1. Think you'd struggle with a travel cot in the Hobbit but could be doable in the Gypsy Caravan. You've now got me looking at Croatian Lighthouses. Its a slippery slope...

  2. What a brilliant experience, it sounds wonderful. The caravans are beautiful and I have serious teal pan envy!

    1. I really swithered over the teal pan but so glad I snapped it up as it was just perfect for the setting. The whole Bramble Bield experience was fantastic from start to finish.

  3. That looks incredible. I love this. x

  4. That looks amazing! I really want to try the gypsy caravan :)


  5. That looks so much fun. Fantastic photos too.


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