Pinnies & Petticoats Fromage Fest

Friday 3 May 2013
I have been somewhat tardy in getting the April Pinnies and Petticoats Bake Club meet written up. So much so that is now May. My bad. For those new to the concept, Pinnies and Petticoats is a monthly cake/bake club meeting in Aberdeen. Very friendly, great fun and absolutely no element of competition. The theme this month was a Cheesy Fromage Fest. I am a huge cheese/savoury lover so this was right up my avenue.
I've already blogged about my own bake. Having resisted the temptation to turn up with a Cake of Cheese I went for Cheesy Monkey Bread and Homemade Mozzarrella. I think the sheer quantity of cheese on offer must have overwhelmed me as I've definately not photographed everything, don't know what it all was and really haven't got much of an idea as to who baked what. Is cheese induced memory loss a known affliction?
I do know exactly who made the retrotastic space age Mr Hedgehog. A staple of every 70's and 80's kids birthday party. Thanks for the memories Martin. Loving the googly eyes.
A delicious looking and tasting Courgette, Lemon and Poppy Seed cake with Cream Cheese frosting was brought along by Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding Surely this is the perfect way to eat your greens.
Karen from from Blow Your Own Crumpet is my savoury partner in crime at Pinnies and Petticoats. Not content with one bake she brought along a whole cheeseboard with five types of homemade biscuit. Cheesy Feet, Celery Hearts, Oatcakes, Parmesan & Chilli Stars and Blue Cheese and Poppy Seed Sables. Its a wonder that her other half found space in the kitchen to whip up a pretty awesome Rhubarb Crumble Cheesecake. 
Puff pastry and cheese is always a winning combination in my book. We had stilton puffs, goats cheese puffs and bacon & cheese twists.
I really haven't bought in to the whole cupcake phenomena. Seems to me just to be an excuse for inferior tasting fairy cakes topped with obscene quantities of buttercream. However savoury cupcakes are another matter entirely. Absolulutely loved these bad boys. 
Cheese & Bacon Cupcakes
Basil & Feta Cupcakes
Multiple bakes from Colene with feta and olive samosas, pear and goat's cheese tartlets and Parmesan Shortbread. Very disappointed that she didn't manage to come up with a Cheesy Macaron. Abdication from the throne of Macaron Queen may be in order.

Lou from Please do not feed the Animals baked up Chilli and Almond Biscuits using a Dan Lepard Recipie. Super cheesy, a touch spicy and very bright orange. Alas no photos of the last savoury I can remember. Tom's Lamb and Stilton Pasties. They were gone in a flash.
And so to the remaining sweet cheese offerings. I didn't actually eat anything sweet on the night but samples of all were duly packed in my Tupperware. Plenty of cheesecake for my breakfast the next morning. Again no photographic evidence but Little Macaroon baked a Basil and Marscapone Tart with a walnut base. It looked savoury but was infact sweet.
Summer Berry Cheesecake
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake
Dark Chocolate and Mint Mini Cheesecakes
As our cheese hangovers began to kick in, conversation turned to a theme for the April meet. Low and behold its another cheesefest with a Eurovision Extravaganza. We've each got to choose a country to represent and bake something typical. I have a feeling that this is going to be really interesting. Lots of countries have already been snapped up. I've opted for Norway. Keep your fingers crossed I don't get nul points.

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