Its just another Meal Planning Monday...

Sunday 21 April 2013
Its #mealplanningmonday time again. First week back at school and we survived it in one piece. Foodie Loon was thrown in at the deep end in his new job but appears to be swimming rather than sinking so all is good. Here's what we dined on last week. Pretty much on plan. First up the one pot dish of baked rice, beans, chicken and mango. Really loved this and reckon it could be adapted with a variety of different ingredients.
The last of boy's homemade cumberland sausage was served up with lashings of onion and mushroom gravy and the obligatory yorkies. Made Rissoles for the very first time. Verdict is that I'll continue to make Stovies with leftover roast beef. Not overly impressed.
Crab and Smoked haddock tart didn't happen as I couldn't track down fresh crab anywhere. Tried a couple of different fishmongers through the week with no luck. Made a variation with prawns but it got a bit burnt and had a soggy bottom. I don't just share my successes ;-)
Boy did most of the hard work in making a version of Nigel Slaters Chorizo Potatoes which I'm linking up to Dish of the Month. I baked the potatoes with olive oil and my newly discovered Hebridean Sea Salt before he got to work scooping, mixing, chopping, grating and refilling. Back in the oven whilst I poached some Duck Eggs to accompany. Amazingly tasty dish - perfect Saturday night supper.
I tweeted the resulting dish to Mr Slater. Unfortunately he doesn't eat eggs "au natural" so I had to eat humble pie. I think I am forgiven.

And so to this week's #mealplanningmonday shenanigans...

Monday - Turkey Keema Curry
Turkey mince with coconut milk, curry paste, spinach, potatoes and peppers.

Tuesday - Baked Pappardelle with Porcini and Pancetta
Loved this so much last time I made it. Hope its as good as I remember.
Wednesday - fridge/freezer rummage
I'm not eating dinner as its Pinnies & Petticoats Fromage Fest tonight but will rummage to feed the rest of the troops.

Thursday - Exotic Burgers
Got a new BBQ at the weekend and will be trying it out with some of the exotic burgers that Andrew Gordon Butchery has been tweeting about lately. Springbok, Zebra, Buffalo, Kangaroo and Wagyu. Very excited to give them a try.

Friday - Fish goujons in panko breadcrumbs with homemade chips and mushy peas
Will see what I fancy from the fishmongers on the day but crunchy panko coating is a must.

Saturday/Sunday - Roast Gammon, Mustard Sauce, Roasties and Veggies
Have a couple of potential events taking place at the weekend but all a bit up in the air hence only one planned meal. Will wing it the rest of the time.
Almost forgot the most exciting foodie happening of last week - I'm booked on a wild food and foraging course. Can't tell you how excited I am about this. I'm going to be a foodie womble!


  1. Crikey I didn't know Nigel doesn't like eggs like that...I LOVE EM!!

    Thanks for entering dish of the month with a fab recipe. x

    1. His initial response to me was "I like the idea. But couldn't eat an egg for love nor money."

  2. Those chorizo potatoes look so tasty and potato and egg is a perfect combination. Thanks for joining us for Dish of the Month.

    1. Sometimes simple is best. I LOVE potato and egg.

  3. Ohh liking the sound of the Exotic Burgers! Very interesting :)

  4. Your pictures are making me drool! The potatoes look delicious as does the mango chicken mmmm!! Have a lovely week and well done to your Mr with his job :) x

    1. Wipe that drool off your chin! Have a good week.

  5. Those potatoes look amazing - yum!

  6. The Chorizo potatoes look fab! Definitely going to try those (with egg I might add)
    I can't wait to hear about your exotic burgers

  7. Love the idea of chorizo potatoes! Fancy not liking egg, eh?


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