Easter in the Sun - Holidaying All Inclusive

Thursday 18 April 2013
For the past three years we have managed to get away to Tenerife for a week of Easter Sunshine and given the particularly un-spring-like conditions this year our trip was especially welcome. We opt for all inclusive which means a complete break for me. No food shopping, meal planning, preparation, baking or cooking. I know some will balk at the idea of a buffet style canteen like mela but for us it works very well. The kids can eat what they want when they want. No long waits for food to arrive, huge variety of dishes. Yes you do get dishes not to your taste, luke warm, not up to scratch but you can get that anywhere. Its certainly not exclusive to all inclusive. The difference here is that if you don't like one thing you just go up and get something else.
We stayed at the Iberostar Las Dalias in Costa Adeje. Our flight arrived close to midnight and it was near 1am when we got to the hotel to check in. As we did so they offered us a welcome glass of Champagne. I declined and opted for a couple of large bottles of water as an alternative. After a good night sleep we were AI wristbanded up and ready to hit the breakfast buffet.
A huge selection was on offer from cooked breakfast, pastries, breads, meats and cheeses to cereals, youghurt and fruit. Boy and girl headed straight for the pancakes with chocolate sauce. Girl pretty much breakfasted on these for the duration. Boy loved the churros dipped in thick hot chocolate. I struggled to see past the cold meats, cheese and bread. Foodie Loon opted for made to order omelettes.
Breakfast was served until 10am but no need to go hungry whist waiting for lunch to begin at 1pm as there were snacks and ice creams available constantly plus an outdoor BBQ from noon. Boy and girl were delighted to discover that slush drinks were part of all inclusive and boy and his hollow legs opted for a dish of olives or peanuts each time he went to the bar. The resturant offerings at lunch and dinner were similar in terms of content but with a larger selection in the evening. The one dish I always look forward to on holiday in Spain is Gazpacho Soup. I really should attempt to make it at home but fear it may not taste so good in cooler climes.
In addition to the chilled Gazpacho there were always two hot soups on offer with plenty of fresh crusty bread and rolls to accompany. The vast range of salads, olives, cold meats, fish, seafood, dressings, pate and terrines were right up my street. I could have happily dined just on them.
In addition to the cold dishes there were a large range of hot dishes on offer including one fish, one meat and one vegerarian being cooked fresh to order at each mealtime. I particularly enjoyed the freshly grilled fish and the beef and veal steaks. There were some beautifully tender melt in the mouth casseroles including one described as "Canarian Party Meat". I think it was lamb. Also tried Tripe for the very first time in a Tripe, Chick Pea, Tomato and Chorizo Casserole. Can't say I'll be rushing to eat it again.
Canarian Potatoes are another of my Spanish holiday favourites. These wrinkly potatoes were traditionally cooked in seawater to give them their characteristic salty crusty skin. They are served alongside red and green sauces. The Green Mojo Sauce is my preference. Oh so garlicy.
The deserts weren't really my thing but there was plenty of choice if you have a sweet tooth. Boy and Girl's eyes popped out of their heads when we came down to dinner one night to find not one but two chocolate fountains. I preferred to stick to the cheese. It was there at breakfast, lunch and dinner in both quality and quantity. Fromage overload.

All good things must come to an end and all too soon it was our last day. With Euros still burning a hole in their pockets we headed to the market with boy and girl. I fear I may have created a monster as Foodie Boy spent his holiday spending money of a personalised chefs hat and a slicing/grating/garnishing/coring knife with free spiral tool
So all inclusive from a foodie point of view? Can't say its my idea of ultimate food heaven but its certainly not anywhere close to hell. As for the Gin & Tonic bar. That was definitely drink heaven. Roll on next Easter.


  1. Looks like a good quality all inclusive. Well worth it with kids.

  2. Exactly. Certainly wouldn't be my choice for a couples holiday but works so well with kids. Couldn't do more than a week though.


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