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Thursday 14 February 2013
Its cake club time again. Pinnies & Petticoats. Managed to get myself double booked for this one as was already signed up for a quick cook session at Nick Nairn Cookschool from 6pm - 8pm so I knew I was going to have to roll up fashionably late after cooking and consuming a "Perfect Sole Supper". The theme for this month was of course Valentines. Our very own cake club bun in the oven was due to ping on Valentines day but popped out early. Congratulations Emma and welcome to the world baby Lucy.
I opted for a savoury bake as thought there would be lots of sweet treats on offer. I had pinned the Cherry Tomato Hearts months back and wanted to incorporate them so decided on cheesy heart biscuits to accompany. After a rummage through cookbooks and blogs I opted for Cheese Oatcake Crackers from The Pink Whisk. I followed Ruths recipe pretty much as is but added some English mustard powder to the mix, used Lockerbie Cheddar as my Cheese and sprinkled paprika on top of some of my hearts.
A Tupperaware box to take home samples is essential
Because I was late I missed the window of photo opportunity before everything was tucked into so thanks to Miss Petticoat aka Colene for some of the the photos. We had less bakers this time but its quality not quantity that counts. Not sure if the weather put folk off or if people were getting romantic at home a day early. The theme was showstoppers and there were three bakes that took top marks in that respect. I don't do big cakes so am in total awe of them all. Although I reckon I could give Elizabeth's Lime Buttercream a try. 

Mudcake with Strawberries, Buttercream & Chocolate Ganache
Last Rolo Chocolate Cake
Banana & Chocolate "Cake Box" with Salted Caramel Macaron "Sweets"
My favourite bake of the night would have to be the only other savoury. @MissKazzieB's Gougeres. Savoury profiteroles filled with cream cheese. A much better love bite than a Hickie from Kenickie.
Cheesy Love Bites
Biscuits next with heart shaped stripey shortbread perfection from Lou at Please Do Not Feed the Animals. We also welcomed another local blogger Victoria from Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding who in addition to bringing along her Cranberry, Orange and Poppy Seed Cookies is going to be writing a piece about Pinnies and Petticoats for STV Online.
Two Chocolate Shortbread Hearts
Cranberry, Orange and Poppy Seed Cookies
I'm more confident at baking little cakes and loved the selection on offer especially the Frangipane Tarts as like Holly says - everyone needs at Tart on Valentines! I loved the sentiment behind Pauline's bake. She cooked the chocolate cheesecake muffins as they are her husbands favourite. Awwww!
Passion (Carrot) Cake
Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins
Cinnamon Rolls
Frangipane Tarts
Th fact that they are currently without a kitchen didn't come in the way of Tom and Martin who rustled up a boozy no bake cheesecake in their living room. Containing Amaretto, Nutella, Marscapone and Amaretti it couldn't fail to impress. I'm afraid I never got to try the Chocolate Mouse with Orange and Fennel Shortbread and Thins. I did sneak a shortbread heart into my tupperware but the mousse was more tricky to transport.
Nutty Delight Cheesecake

Chocolate Mouse, Shortbread & Thins
So that's us for another month. Pinnies and Petticoats is back in March supporting Comic Relief with a Red Nose Bake off. All the details are on our event page. Bake cake. Come along. Eat cake. Strive to create a just world free from poverty.
Last but not least I'll share what I gave my beloved for Valentines Day. He asked for a "fruity surprise" so that's exactly what he got.

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