Pancake Day - A Retrospective

Tuesday 19 February 2013
So its been and gone and all over for another year but I still wanted to share what we did. Shrove Tuesday coincided with half term which meant that the kids were around all day so we indulged morning, noon and night. First up at breakfast were the Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Pancakes from a packet mix which I will fully admit I was anticipating being awful. However they were rather successful and tasted pretty darn good with lashings of Nutella and banana. Boy still in his onesie gave flipping a go. Love his facial expressions. Girl was happy just to eat. The more chocolatey the better.
Savoury crepes for lunch with everyone getting their own choice of topping. I use Delia's recipe. Boy opted for cheese, paprika and chilli and girl tuna sweetcorn and cheese. I went for cheese, chive, tomato, paprika and chilli followed up with a traditional sugar and lemon. At the same time I cooked off eight more to use for dinner in the evening and stacked them up interleaved with greaseproof.
Friends came round in the afternoon and boy cooked up a batch of bannocks/scotch pancakes. He did a great job all on his own especially once he got the temperature of the griddle under control. The Great British Bake Off trick of hiding the burnt ones underneath was adopted for serving.
Boy requested Seafood Pancakes for dinner but by this time girl had had more than enough and could not believe that we were having them again. Perhaps you can get too much of a good thing. The premade crepes were filled with mixed fish and seafood in a white sauce and warmed through in the oven.
Twitter was full of pancake day references throughout the day and I tweeted some of my efforts @foodiequine including the montage below. Richard Stone aka @MrCookShop offered up a prize and guess what - we won! You can read all about it on the Mr Cook Shop Blog
This is where it gets tricky. The choice of prize was a Gingerbread Man Baking Set or a Victoria Eggs Apron. I do love the Victoria Eggs range and planning ahead bought a Christmas themed apron from it in the January sales. So without discussing with boy and girl I chose an apron. Big mistake. I then confessed that we had won a prize and of course they asked what and I immediately felt guilty so showed them the options and of course they overruled me with gingerbread.
Our prize arrived at the weekend and it is gorgeous. I absolutely adore the gingerbread bowl and have no further longings for yet another apron. It's not very clear in the picture but it's a traditional Mason & Cash bowl but with boy and girl gingerbreads round the side. Thanks again to Mr Cookshop for the prize but I'm definitely giving up pancakes for Lent.

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  1. I feel boring now for just having pancakes once - with lemon juice and sugar of course!
    Your seafood pancakes look gorgeous.


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