Leftover Christmas Cheese?

Wednesday 2 January 2013
Anyone got any leftover cheese from Christmas that needs using up? Despite my Christmas Cake of Cheese there's not actually very much left in the Foodie Quine house of a cheesy nature so I will confess that the first two of these were made prior to Christmas but would be equally good to use up leftovers. Both biscuits came as a result of the Pinnies and Petticoats Christmas Meet.  Loved them there and they quickly made it onto my festive nibbles plan.
First off Dan Lepard's Blue Cheese and Oatmeal Biscuits as made by Lou at Please Do Not Feed The Animals. I used Stilton for these but you could use anything with a strong flavour. You chill or freeze the mix in a loaf tin and then slice. They are not much to look at but taste great and are very moreish. Highly recomended washed down with Port.
Next Simon Hopkinson's Parmesan and Chilli Biscuits which Karen made at Pinnies and Petticoats. The lovely people at Old Amsterdam had sent me some of their cheese to try and this was the perfect opportunity. I used their aged Gouda in place of the cheddar specified in the recipe. Of course I also had to try it au natural. What a great robust flavoured cheese. Far removed from standard supermarket Gouda. I do confess to bursting in to song as I baked. Altogether now "A mouse lived in a windmill..."
I used a gorgeous fluted heart shaped cutter which I'd bought in Germany to cut my biscuits whilst my geologist sister rummaged around in my cupboard and unearthed some dinosaur cutters. It doesn't say so in the recipie but you can add a slice of chilli on the top to spice things up. They were amazing. Buttery, flaky, cheesy perfection. They didn't last long.
Now some nibbles I concocted to take along to a Twixtmas drinks party. Very, very simple. Ready roll puff pastry cut into festive shapes. Brushed with eggwash and sprinkled with a variety of toppings.  Grated cheese, black onion seeds, cumin seeds, paprika, chilli flakes and Maldon salt. 10 mins in a hot oven and you're done. Very effective and could be done with different shapes according to the occassion.
The last cheesy creation was to take along to a Hogmanay party and with a lack of leftovers I had to go out and specifically buy more cheese to make it. Very simple to assemble with an assortment of cheeses cubed and laid out on a tray in a tree shape along with olives, cherry tomatoes, grapes and herbs (thyme and rosemary) It went down a storm and was long gone by the bells.
Happy New Year. May 2013 be a cheesy one.

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  1. I like your cheese tree idea, it looks so yummy! I didn't realise you were in Aberdeen - waves hello down from Shetland!


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