Foodie Gifts from Santa

Monday 31 December 2012
I must have been a very good girl this year as I received lots of lovely Christmas pressies many of a foodie nature. Some I had specifically requested but others were completely out of the blue from some very thoughtful friends and relatives who know my foodie tastes very well. 

Here's the rundown... First up the edibles of a chocolate nature which were very quickly demolished. Hotel Chocolate Salted Caramel Puddles, Gin Truffles, Gingerbread Truffles and Coconut Bombes. Dark Wasabi and Dark Chilli Lindt. Toffifee. Dairy Milk.
Post Christmas diet begins 2nd January.

In addition to my Russian Doll Christmas Cake I received a much coveted set of Matryoshka measuring spoons. These are something that I have admired from afar but always thought they were too frivolous to purchase for myself. I will enjoy using these very much and will continue to covet the matching measuring cups.

Thanks Micheala
I do love a boiled egg and this gorgeous eggcup and timer set from Joules will definitely brighten up breakfast time. Exactly what a Christmas gift should be. Something you love but wouldn't buy for yourself. Dippy egg and soldiers coming up.

Thanks Morna
I had the Hairy Dieters book on my Christmas list which my Mum obliged with but she also managed to pick up their 12 Days of Christmas Book in a Charity shop so I got it too. Bonus. In addition she made me a huge jar of Christmas Chutney from it. Double Bonus. I've bookmarked a couple of recipes for Christmas 2013 (Christmas Pudding Vodka, Coarse Country Terrine, Gin & Tonic Sorbet) and the Diet book will come into its own come 2nd Jan.

It's just the weather for soup at the moment so this set of four rustic lidded soup bowls with spoons will get plenty of use. Cloth bags of broth mix and salt and black pepper croutons finish off this gift perfectly. There will be plenty of hearty soups appearing on my meal plans over the coming weeks.

Thanks Claudia
You can never have too many books in your stocking and I was delighted to receive the Cheesemaking book that I had requested. Mozzarella is firmly on my New Year to do list. I'm thoroughly enjoying dipping in and out of "How to be a better Foodie". Lots of inspiration and ideas and I'm not at all offended to have received it ;-)

Thanks Adele
Thanks Mum
I suspect my 40th birthday Canapes provided the inspiration for the Amuse-Bouche book and accompanying canape spoons. Lots of lovely bite sized recipies. Ive already bookmarked Biscuits au Saumon et Fromage, Sorbet au Bloody Mary, Creme d'Epinards avec Oeuf de Caille and Tarte a la Rhubarbe.

Thanks Lynne
I have long been in need of new knives with my current set being almost laughable in their uselessness. I am now armed and dangerous with cooks knife, filleting knife and paring knife from Lakeland. I suspect I should use my Nick Nairn Cookschool voucher to attend a Knife Skills Course.  No carrot, mushroom or onion will will be safe. Perhaps I should stock up on blue plasters.

Possibly too late for this years Festive Cakes and Bakes but I'll need to get my thinking cap on to decide what to make in my Santa, Snowman and Christmas tree cake tin. Moulded cakes like these aren't something I've experimented with before so any tips would be most welcome.
Thanks Lisa
Following my afternoon at G and Teatime a bottle of Martin Millers Gin was firmly on my wish list and husband didn't disappoint. Botanicals have been slapped. My Aunt chose well too with a bottle of Chambord Liqueur. Great in a cocktail or simply with Champagne.
Thanks Iain

Thanks Joyce
Alas in the north of Scotland I'm hundreds of miles from an Ikea so had to outsource the purchase of a Gingerbread House kit to my sister. Whilst she was there she picked me up these fantastic festive cake tins and a set of matching cupcake paper cases. Love them. So wish we had an Ikea closer.

Thanks Adele
I've wanted a proper old fashioned Griddle for ages but they seem to be very difficult to come by and impossible to get without a lipped edge. My Mum handed this one over somewhat apologetically as it wasn't exactly what she had been searching for on my behalf. I'm looking forward to giving it a try with bannocks (scotch pancakes) and if I've feeling very brave I might give oatcakes and girdle scones a go. Watch this space.

I've saved the best till last. An amazing personalised Tea Towel. Thanks Mum. x 
I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. Would love to hear about any exciting foodie gifts you received. Best wishes for 2013 when it comes. Lang may yer lum reek.


  1. You have been a good girl Claire. Alas I am no foodie quine but love reading your pages and look forward to the installments during 2013. A very Happy New Year to you and yours. x

  2. You forgot about your blowtorch! That's gotta have good foodie uses!

  3. I was given a tagine, which we are testing out tonight with some lamb :) mmm yum!

  4. Claire

    What fabulous gifts. I would love to know what you think of the canape book. I think they are a lovely touch when you have people round.

    I got the Rachel Allen cake book but i haven't had a chance to open it yet. I was hoping for the new Madhur Jaffrey book but I have Amazon vouchers to fund that acquisition.

    Happy cooking and eating and drinking.


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  6. I want a Foodie Quine Tea Towel!?!?!? I think you need to get some made up for a giveaway on your blog!


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