Microwave Rhubarb Curd

Monday 1 June 2020
Looking for ways to use up a seasonal glut of rhubarb? When you've had enough rhubarb crumble it's time for Rhubarb Curd. The sharpness of the rhubarb works perfectly as a smooth buttery curd. Enjoy it on toast, scones, meringues, as a sponge cake filling in desserts and more. 

Rhubarb. Rhubarb. Rhubarb. I love the stuff. Literally can't get enough of it. When it's on a menu for desert I can't see past it. For many years I had a small clump in my garden but it never really did very much and only produced a handful of stems, barely enough for an annual crumble. Then we moved it to a different spot and now it flourishes. Another of my loves is curd. For years I thought it only came in lemon however there are a whole range of recipes out there for many more exotic flavours. Here's my Rhubarb version.

Top Tips and Fun Facts 
  • Remove seed stalks as soon as they appear
  • Don't cut the stalks - twist and pull
  • Rhubarb leaves are poisonous
  • Use the leaves as mulch on your rhubarb plants
  • Green stalks taste just the same as red/pink ones
  • Rhubarb is a vegetable - not a fruit

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You could make this curd in the traditional way on the hob over a bain marie but I prefer to use the microwave.

500g Rhubarb
Pink/red food colouring
175g Caster sugar
4 Tbsp Cornflour
4 Eggs
1/2 Tsp Vanilla extract
125g Butter

  • Wash and chop up the rhubarb into short lengths.
  • Cook in a pan over a low heat with a couple of tablespoonfuls of water until it is completely pulpy. This will take about 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Sieve the cooked rhubarb into a large microwaveable bowl. At this stage it usually looks a rather unappetising sludgy colour so you can add a couple of drops of pink or red food colouring.
  • Discard any remaining stringy pulp that won't pass though the sieve. Provided you've cooked it well there really shouldn't be very much at all that won't go through.
  • Sieve the sugar and cornflour into the rhubarb pulp and heat in the microwave until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Meanwhile beat then sieve the eggs to remove any stringy bits.
  • Add the vanilla extract to the eggs and mix into the rhubarb.
  • Chop the butter into cubes and add it to the bowl.
  • Place in the microwave and whisk at 30 second intervals. You will start to see the mixture thickening up, particularly at the edges, after around 5 minutes depending upon the power of your microwave.
  • As soon as you see it thickening pour into sterilised jars and cover with waxed discs and cellophane.
  • Keeps up to 3 weeks in the FRIDGE

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