Shop Local and Home Delivery in Aberdeen/shire during Covid 19 lockdown

Tuesday, 26 May 2020
16th June 2020 - Stay Loyal Stay Local
After 13 weeks of constant updates, I've just made my final weekly amendments to this listing and won't be updating it further moving forward. 

Many of you have told me how useful it has been but as we ease into a 'new normal' and places reopen it's now served it's initial signposting purpose. However as the supermarket shelves are once again full, do keep in mind who/where was able to feed you when the usual supply chain broke down. Please continue this local support and direct connection with talented food and drink producers and retailers going forward. #StayLoyalStayLocal

We're in the midst of strange times at the moment and one of the things that has become apparent is how well local producers and food businesses across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have stepped up to the mark to offer delivery and collection services.

To try and help folk track down what's available in the area I created a post on my Facebook  page with a list of local businesses selling and delivering groceries etc  This grew arms and legs and escalated in size and sale very quickly. Facebook only allows you to tag up to 50 pages in a post so I had to include lots of unclickable links. My initial list was based on geography and as the situation developed and lockdown commenced it became apparent that may not be the best classification and that the facebook post despite being seen by thousands and shared by hundreds was somewhat unwieldy.

Cue this new blog post where I've compiled an updated list by category of foodstuff of where in Aberdeen/shire you can shop local for your groceries and/or have them delivered. This list is for groceries only not take away or cakes/sweets etc (with the exception of afternoon teas as folk keep messaging me about that) In current circumstances this list is ever changing and is by no means comprehensive. There will be errors, there will be omissions and for that I can only apologies. I'm doing this entirely off my own bat just to try and support local businesses and help both them and those of us who are doing the right thing by social distancing, isolating or shielding.


Slow Cooked Scotch Beef Chilli Con Carne

Sunday, 24 May 2020
Post in collaboration with The Scotch Kitchen

Cook once, eat twice with slow cooked scotch beef chilli con carne. This one pot dish can be made in a slow cooker, oven or on top of the stove - the longer you cook it the better it will be. Once you've tried Scotch beef shin you'll never go back to mince in your chilli con carne. 

Whilst we find ourselves having to stay home I'm delighted to continue to work with The Scotch Kitchen to bring you a Scotch Beef recipe that you can cook once and eat twice (or more!) and/or pop in the freezer. Rather than use mince to make chilli I opted for beef shin which brings a whole new dynamic of flavour and unctuousness to the dish. Once you've tried it you'll never go back to mince in your chilli con carne. 


Scottish Tattie Scones

Friday, 15 May 2020
Leftover mashed potato becomes something truly amazing when you turn it into Scottish Tattie Scones. This super quick and easy recipe - a full Scottish breakfast staple - is the perfect way to love food, hate waste and use up leftover mash. 

Love food hate waste? NEVER throw out leftover mashed potatoes. Homemade tattie scones are the best! Ideal for breakfast, brunch, brinner, constant lockdown snacking... Lots have been being made in this household in recent weeks. I'll even confess to making extra mash for the sole purpose of having leftovers. I'm going to need winched out of the house once this situation is over. The 'recipe' is actually really simple. To be honest I don't even follow one any more. There are already a couple of variations of it on my blog which I'll link to below but flour, tatties and butter made into a dough and fried will work. I've also been going freestyle on the shape. Prior to these unprecedented times I always made triangles but I'm currently using a scone cutter for circular ones. I may even break out some fancy cookie cutters and make star shaped, unicorn or dinosaur versions.
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