Cheese and Red Pepper Scones

Thursday, 30 April 2020
Classic cheese scones with a piquant twist. These cheese and red pepper scones are ideal with a cuppa or as an accompaniment for soup. A melt in the mouth savoury treat. Warm cheese scones and cold butter - is there anything better?

These scones have been made many times by my daughter Iona and were a big hit at my Kitchen Table for Maggie's fundraiser last year. They are based on a recipe she made as part of her Nat 5 Practical Cookery course. Sadly because of covid-19 she won't have the opportunity to sit either the written or practical exam for this, but during lockdown she's been putting her cookery and baking skills to very good use. Each time she's made a batch of these scones and I've shared them on my Instagram stories I receive DM's asking for the recipe so it's about time I got it up on the blog.

Oh so cute Oatcake and Cheese Easter Chicks

Friday, 10 April 2020

Biscuits and cheese with a seasonal twist. These chirpy Easter chicks are the perfect healthy snack to combat chocolate egg overload. Cute Easter eats that are fun for all the family - it's time to play with your food! 

I really can't call this a recipe. I guess at the most it counts as a serving suggestion. What it really is however is TOO CUTE. And at the moment we all need a bit of cuteness and fun in our lives. Whilst Easter is for many all about the chocolate, for those of us with a more savoury tooth recent years have seen the emergence of Cheester eggs. But which came first - the cheese chicken or the cheese egg?
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