Banana, Strawberry and Honey Muffins

Wednesday, 28 August 2019
Savour the sweet taste of summer in a simple and delicious recipe for Banana, Strawberry and Honey Muffins. No added sugar required as the fruit and honey provides the sweetness. An ideal 'Love Food Hate Waste' recipe for using up bananas - the blacker the better. 

One of my favourite things about the Chapelton 10k in 2018 (apart from the fab medal) was the fantastic selection of homebakes available after the race for the runners. Having signed up to take part again in 2019 (I’d clearly forgotten about THE HILL) I wanted to contribute something for the refreshment table so whipped up a couple of batches of Banana, Strawberry and Honey Muffins the night before the race. Earlier in the year I'd visited Castleton Fruit Farm with Brian from Cove Honey Bees so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine strawberries, honey and the runners favourite banana, in a post run treat.


Blackcurrant Oaty Flapjacks

Tuesday, 13 August 2019
Sticky oaty blackcurrant flapjacks. The ideal way to use up a glut of summer fruit and super quick and easy to make. The blackcurrants almost go jam like when baked with the oats and syrup. Perfect for breakfast, lunchboxes or simply with a cuppa.

It would appear to be a fantastic year for blackcurrants if the crop on the singular bush in my garden is anything to go by. It is literally heaving with berries and they are huge to boot! Trouble is that they aren't quite as versatile as strawberries and rasps. They are just a wee bit too tart to eat in any quantity au-natural and whilst I've been throwing them in smoothies and using them at breakfast time to top my porridge and bircher muesli I've really not made much of a dent upon the bumper crop. At this point I'd usually freeze a batch however there are still a couple of bags in there from last year! Time to get inventive.

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