Christmas Milkshake Straws

Thursday 6 December 2018
Christmas Milkshake Straws are a great fun no bake festive treat. Ideal for kids to help make - and the perfect homemade edible gift. So simple but very effective and great fun to drink milk through as it turns chocolatey. 

I really can't describe this post as a recipe. It's more of a 'Christmas craft', or perhaps 'edible gift' covers it better. Whatever you want to call it, rest assured that you need absolutely no cooking (or crafting) skills to create these Christmas Milkshake Straws. They would be ideal for kids to help make and would be a fab homemade gift for their friends. I actually feel like a wee bit of a fraud sharing a recipe/instructions as once you've seen a photo of them you'll know exactly what to do. I can't believe that I haven't seen these all over Pinterest, could I really have invented them?! (probably not!)

I first came across milkshake straws in Sugarplum's sweet shop on Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on our recent holiday to Orlando. They came in packs of five and cost an eye watering amount of dollars for what is basically paper straws half covered with chocolate and sprinkles. I instantly thought - I could make those! So I did and this is the result. If you're confused by the principal of what they are for, you put the chocolate and sprinkles end in a glass of milk (hot milk works even better) give it a good swirl and drink as the milk turns chocolatey. Anything remaining can be licked off the straw lollipop style. 

There was a wee bit of trial and error on my part to find the most effective way to make these. For best results let the chocolate cool a little bit and start to thicken before you paint it onto the straws. A pastry brush (or clean paintbrush) works much better for applying the chocolate rather than rolling or dipping. The bakery section of any large supermarket should be buckling under the weight of festive sprinkles at the time of year but you could just as easily use hundreds and thousands or chocolate vermicelli. When it comes to letting them set, a wire cooking rack is your friend. Just lay them down carefully and they won't stick. Once dry you can pack them in cellophane bags and tie with festive string prior to gifting. Perhaps leave one out for Santa on Christmas Eve along with his glass of milk and mince pie?

Christmas Milkshake Straws

You will need...
Paper straws
Chocolate (milk, white, dark)
Assorted festive sprinkles

Melt chocolate and allow to cool slightly so it's not super runny.
Using a pastry brush paint chocolate half way up and all around a paper straw. (be careful not to paint over the end)
Holding the straw over a plate sprinkle on the sprinkles, ensuring the chocolate is covered all the way round. Any sprinkles that dont stick can be reused on the next straw.
Place straws on a wire cooling rack to set.


  1. What fun! Kids would love these. Sharing this now.

  2. Such a brilliant idea. My kids would love to do this ! Looks so festive and gorgeous

  3. Wow, would never have thought of making straws so beautiful. Gives it the right kind of festive look.

  4. such a great idea to make with my son during holidays!

  5. These look so much fun! Does the paper straw hold up OK if you do them in hot milk? I love the idea of these for hot chocolate style drinks! So pretty!

  6. OOh these are just up my street! My girls would love them - I can see a rainy afternoon being spent making these.


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