Ministers Slices - Date, Nut & Coconut Krispy Traybake

Thursday, 12 April 2018
One of my Grandma Monearns most regularly made recipes. A no bake chocolate slice with dates, nuts, coconut and rice krispies. She always referred to them as Ministers Slices but I've no idea why! Can't see that there's anything particularly religious about them but would love to know the origin of the name.

I'm sharing one of my Granny's recipes today. I've previously shared her Shortbread and her Cornflake Biscuits and this makes up the trilogy of what was always found in her biscuit tins. I've only ever known these as Ministers Slices but I've absolutely no idea why they are called that. I've Googled and can't find any reference to any other bakes with the same name. If you've heard of them or know why they might be called this then PLEASE do let me know as it's a bit of a mystery to me! My best guess is that they were submitted to a WRI cookbook or similar by a Minister.

Edible Scottish Adventures - March 2018

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The plan was that this post would be published when I was far away from Scotland enjoying an edible adventure in Tenerife. However time caught up with me and and I didn't get around to completing and sheduling before we headed to the sun. My bad. So it's a week later than it should be but I'm sticking with the better late than never adage. 

Easter has been and gone for another year, time to say farewell to my Egg logo and revert back to Bitten Heart until I can unveil the Strawberry version in the run up to Wimbledon. I do hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and you didn't fall for too many April fools. I do always enjoy seeing the foodie ones. Time to take a quick look back at what you might have missed in March across my social media and on the blog. The algorithms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook don't always want to let my followers see everything I post so this retrospective monthly roundup is my way of attempting to beat the system. Expect BBQ, brunch, bunny bums, Hungry Squirrels and a cover girl!
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