Sledging Gingerbread Men

Saturday 16 December 2017
Ideal for edible gifts, kids Christmas parties or just as an 'oh so cute' Christmas sweet treat. These Sledging Gingerbread Men are quick and easy to make with only four ingreedients - Candy Canes, Gingerbread Men, Milky Ways and Chocolate.

WOW! You have all gone crazy for my Gingerbread Men Rocky Road and the Gingerbread Men Hot Chocolate Stirrers. I honestly can't believe the love there has been for them. Thanks SO much to those who have taken the time to tag me in photos of their creations. It always really does make my day! Over on Instagram perthshire.jen and create_bake_play made Gingerbread Men Rocky Road, ?? made Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Stirrers and princess_lyns made a mash up of two of my recipes with her Gingerbread Man and Candy Cane Rocky Road. 

All this Gingerbread Man love got me thinking about another Gingerbread Men creation which I made way back in Christmas 2013 as part of my Christmas Foodie Advent Calender. To be fair my photography back then was pretty grim but depite that, the idea was cleary good as the image has been pinned thousands of times and is my most popular recipe on Pinterest by far. How crazy is that! I reckoned that it was time for a remake with hopefully some better photos... 

When it comes to sourcing the ingreedients here's the scoop. You'll find Mini Gingerbread Men at both Co-Op and Sainsburys. Organix Goodies do them. You could also use Cadbury Festive Friends and I've also spotted some Mini Penguin shaped biscuits which could also work if fo some reason you don't love Gingerbread Men quite as much as I do. 
For the Fun Sized Chocolate Bars I used Milky Way (or rather the own brand alternative) but you could use Mars or Snickers or similar. 
My Mini Candy Canes were from from Home Bargains but any dicount/poundshops would be a good place to try. 

Sledging Gingerbread Men 

Mini Gingerbread Men 
Fun Sized Chocolate Bars 
Mini Candy Canes 
Milk Chocolate 

It really pays to take your time over making these and let the chcolate set in the fridge after each stage. Patience is a virtue! 
Melt some milk chocolate in the microwave or over a bain-marie. 
Cut the fun sized chocolate bars in half and use a pastry brush to paint the melted choclate on each cut size of the Milky Way, securing a mini gingerbread man in the middle.
Put in the fridge to set.
Remelt the chocolate and use it to attach a candy case on one side of your sledge.
Return to the fridge to set.
Remelt choclate and attach the second candy cane.
Return to the fridge for the final time to set.

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  1. This sledging gingerbread man is awesome!! I'm definitely going to make some for this christmas. Thanks!


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