Auld Alliance Comté Cheese and Haggis Toastie

Thursday 17 August 2017
Post in collaboration with Comté Cheese

The flavours of Scotland and France combine in a sublime toasted sandwich made with Cheese and Haggis. The cheese is Comté. Made in the beautiful French mountains of the Jura Massif it's a delicious unpasteurised cheese full of passion and provenance.

The Auld Alliance between Scotland and France holds true even today. This was demonstrated recently on my press trip to France with Comté Cheese. Those hosting us initially assumed that the whole group hailed from England, however not known for keeping quiet on such matters the Gastro Gays and myself quickly spoke up to reveal our Irish and Scottish nationalities. At this point poor Patrick and Russell didn't even get a look in as all of a sudden it was all about Écosse! Everyone wanted to know where in Scotland I was from, what Whisky I would recommend, where they should visit if they ever got the chance. If they'd already been to Scotland they wanted to share all their adventures with me. There really does seem to be a lot of love for Scotland in France. Almost as much love as there is for Comté.

I've already shared some details of my trip to discover the history and heritage of this much loved unpasturised cheese which is full of passion and provenance. Check out my recipe for Comté Cheese and Potato Rosti Waffles as a starting point - rest assured there will be more to come. But before I'd even set food in the Jura Massif I'd decided that I wanted to create a Scottish and French toastie mash up. I shared this idea with the group of bloggers, journalists and PR's on the trip over our first meal together and they were all very enthusiastic about the prospect. Haggis and Cheese are most definitely a match made in heaven.

You won't need a whole 40kg cheese wheel for this recipe but do fee free to adjust the quantity. In my humble opinion there is no such thing as too much cheese. Whilst artisan and wholegrain breads undoubtedly have their place, for this toastie you really can't beat slices of good old fashioned of 'Scots Plain Breid'. Don't be tempted to skimp on the butter on the outside either. The difference it makes is like night and day. What's a few extra calories between friends?! During our trip, Dairy Farmer Taz, resplendent in cowboy hat and Comté branded shirt, informed us that the French eat Comté multiple times a day. 'Taz eats Comté every meal'. There wasn't a pick of fat on him. However his lean physique may well have come down to hard farming labour working off the said cheese consumption. After 3 days in France I looked 5 month pregnant #CheeseBaby

Photo courtesy of Ms Marmite Lover - Comté - The Cheddar Cheese of France

Whilst I had the prerequisite Brevvile toastie maker as a student, these days I make mine in a health grill. I'm afraid the name is where the healthiness stops. They also work well using a toastie bag in a conventional toaster or you could make them American style in a frying or griddle pan. Be sure to heat through the haggis first as that will make it spreadable. To make a singular toastie the 130g microwavable packs containing two slices works really well. You could swap out the chilli sauce/jam for chutney or caramelised onions but do keep the English Mustard for an 'Entente Cordiale' kick.

Auld Alliance Comté Cheese and Haggis Toasties
Makes 4 Toasties

8 Slices Plain White Bread
Spreadable Butter
454g Haggis
200g Comté Cheese, grated
English Mustard
Sweet Chilli Sauce / Chilli Jam

Pop your Toastie maker on to heat.
Remove the haggis from its casing, roughly chop and warm through in the microwave.
Butter the bread and place it butter side down.
For each toastie spread one slice of bread (unbuttered side) with English mustard topped with haggis and the other with chilli jam/sauce topped with grated Comté.
Sandwich together and pop them in your toastie maker for a couple of minutes until nicely browned and the cheese is melted.

♥ Pin me for later... Auld Alliance Comté Cheese and Haggis Toastie  The flavours of Scotland and France combine in a sublime toasted sandwich made with Cheese and Haggis. The cheese is Comté. Made in the beautiful French mountains of the Jura Massif it's a delicious unpasteurised cheese full of passion and provenance.

Disclosure: I traveled to France to eat cheese and drink wine as a guest of Comté.
As always, all views expressed are my own. 
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  1. Oooh I love both comte and haggis so I know this would go down well here! Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

    1. They truly are a match made in heaven - or perhaps that should be France and Scotland!

  2. This sounds delicious! You really can't beat a cheese toastie sometimes x

    1. They are the ultimate quick and easy comfort food and this recipe takes them to a whole new level.

  3. Oh no you didn't....this is amazing. Haggis and comte?! Sure why not! Sounds like it will work to me :D #foodporn

    1. It is indeed total food porn. But as well as being Instagram worthy it also tastes AMAZING!

  4. I had Comte cheese before and loved it! I bet this cheese toast tastes delicious!


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