Smoked Salmon, Crowdie and Tattie Scone 'Scottish Blinis'

Sunday 18 December 2016
Scottish produce combines to make a canape with a twist. Smoked Salmon, Crowdie and Tattie Scone Stars are an effortless yet sophisticated Scottish nibble, perfect for Christmas, Hogmanay, Burns Night or St Andrew's Day. 

Only a week to go until Christmas and I'm all sorted with the presents, I've surprised myself with my efficiency this year as they're all wrapped too! No Christmas cards written though as we have decided to make a donation to charity in lieu. Maggie's Highland has been an enormous support to us as a family this year so a contribution has been made to this very worthy cause and I hereby take the opportunity to wish all those who have read, commented, liked, shared and RT'd my blog and social media posts this year a very Merry Christmas.

What is it that they say about a cobbler's children having no shoes? This may well be the case here too as food is the one thing that I've given precious little thought to so far! My turkey is coming from Barra Bronzes to be collected at the end of the week, veggies have been ordered from Fernieflatt Farm, 2kg of Raclette from Mellis and I'm reliably informed that the three amigos are making a Gingerbread House. My festive visitors start arriving from the 22nd so I really should get my finger out and start making a proper menu plan! 

Back in November I was working on some festive canape ideas using Scottish Smoked Salmon in a recipe for Lidl Scotland. I gave them a number of options to choose from and they opted for Scottish Smoked Salmon, Crowdie and Oatcake Canapes which appeared in their instore leaflet across all their Scottish stores at the start of December. However my second choice was an idea just too good not to be shared. A Scottish version of Blinis. Instead of pancakes and soured cream I've used Crowdie and Tattie Scones. The idea got a lot of love when I shared it on twitter as part of the #ScotFood twitter hour chat. Any shape of cookie cutter will work, you could even cut freehand. Top tip - try a rummage in the play-doh cutters if you are searching for a star! 

Smoked Salmon, Crowdie and Tattie Scone Scottish Blinis
An effortless yet sophisticated Scottish nibble, perfect for Christmas or Hogmanay
Makes 18 Canapes

6 Tattie (Potato) Scones
100g Scottish Smoked Salmon
50g Scottish Crowdie (soft cheese)
Fresh Dill to garnish

The first step comes down to personal preference and how soon you are going to be eating the canapes. You can either pop the tattie scones in the toaster for a couple of minutes, or leave them au natural.
Use a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out three stars from each scone.
Spread a small amount of crowdie on top of each tattie scone star.
Finely shred the scottish smoked salmon and place it in bundles on top of the crowdie.
Garnish the Scottish Blinis with fronds of fresh dill.

♥ Pin me for later... Scottish produce combines to make a canape with a twist. Smoked Salmon, Crowdie and Tattie Scone Stars are an effortless yet sophisticated Scottish nibble, perfect for Christmas, Hogmanay, Burns Night or St Andrew's Day.


  1. I am so making this, Claire!! I normally make homemade buckwheat blini to be eaten whilst opening presents. I will add this to the menu as well. Love love love!! A sophisticated Scottish nibble. :-) Sharing widely

  2. How wonderful... such a nifty little shortcut! We always have little canapés on Christmas Day to stave off the hunger before the big festive feast begins. I imagine these will go a treat with plenty of fizz :-)

  3. Very very cute. As Kellie says I stick to buckwheat or spelt for blinis but I rather like the idea of 'tatties' . We have a blini night every xmas eve and so i'll be sure to tag you when the girls are cutting these out x

  4. These look great Claire, I adore anything with smoked salmon so they would be perfect for me! Popping over from #TheFoodCalendar hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  5. What a lovely idea to Scottishyfy (that's a word, right??) blinis. I adore blinis and so I imagine I would really love these too! Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare :-) Eb x

  6. I love these, especially the star shape, they look so inviting! Thanks for linking up to Treat Petite!

  7. I'm totally like the cobbler this Christmas, I've spent so much time cooking this Christmas so aside from the dinner we've spent most of the time flinging things together from what's in the fridge :-)

    I love the look of your tattle scone blinis, the sound delicious and I love the star shape.


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