Quick & Cute Christmas Foodie Makes

Sunday 14 December 2014
I love creating cute food at any time of the year and Christmas presents plenty of opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. Alas I simply didn't have time to come up with 24 new ideas for a 2014 Foodie Advent Calendar but you can still access all of my 2013 recipes and instructions on the blog via the links below

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I've not been completely resting on my laurels however and do have a few new suggestions for this year...

Cornflake Holly Wreaths
Melt white chocolate, add green food colouring - gel works best, then mix through cornflakes. Shape into mini wreaths on greaseproof paper and leave to set. Adorn with red fondant icing berries.

Mini Roll Reindeer
This one was courtesy of the December Asda Magazine. Not quite as easy to make as they first appear! You'll need mini rolls, matchmakers, pretzels, melted white and milk chocolate, black fondant icing and red smarties.
Using a skewer make four holes in the base of the mini roll for the reindeer's legs. Cut a matchmaker into four and secure the legs in place by dipping them in melted milk chocolate then inserting them into the skewered holes.
Do the same with broken pieces of pretzel to make the antlers.
Dip the face of the reindeer in melted white chocolate and attach black fondant eyes and a red smartie nose (or pink if you've run out of red!)

Marshmallow Snowmen
Olaf in marshmallow form! You'll need marshmallows, matchmakers, cocktail sticks, orange tic tacs, fizzy belts, rolos, giant chocolate buttons and black writing icing.
Secure three marshmallows together with a cocktail stick. Attach the hat made from a giant chocolate button and a rolo using melted chocolate or icing. Insert matchmakers for arms and an orange tic tac carrot nose. Draw on eyes, mouth and buttons with black writing icing and finally wrap a fizzy belt scarf around your snowman's neck.

My kids after school cookery class at Aberdeen's Inchagarth Community Centre made a fantastic job creating wreaths, snowmen and reindeer's, including some fab freestyle creations. 

Snowman Eggs
Do you wanna eat a Snowman? He might look too cute to eat but this wee guy that I created for the Good Family Food Facebook page would make a tasty addition to any festive breakfast. Slice a wee bit off the top and bottom of two hard boiled eggs and secure together with a cocktail stick. Use two carrot slices to create a hat and stick it on the cocktail stick. A triangle of carrot for the nose and black peppercorns for eyes and buttons. Poke in some sprigs of parsley for arms and serve with bacon and sausage.

Champagne Cork Reindeer
Not exactly food, but a by product from all those Christmas bottles of Prosecco, Cava and Champagne! Skewers, googly eyes, pom poms, twigs and a hot glue gun will give you a whole lot of Rudolphs!


Disclosure - QMS commissioned me and compensated me for my time in creating a Christmas idea for their Facebook page. 


  1. Ooh I love cute food, I really should make more of it. You've got me thinking that if I start planning now I might just be able to sort out a cute foodie advent calendar for next christmas!

    I love the hard boiled egg snowman and the cornflake wreath is a really clever idea.

  2. Claire you're so creative. Again, please may I come and stay and have breakfast at your house?! Love the champagne cork reindeer. Thanks for linking to #festivefoodfriday.


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