2014 Christmas Gifts for Foodies - Part One

Friday 7 November 2014
There's no hiding from the fact that Christmas is literally just around the corner. Love it or hate it the hype has well and truly started. Saying that, I've not even started making my list let alone checking it twice. If you're more organised than me and on the lookout for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, or ever better something to add to your own wish list, I've got some great suggestions to share with you in part one of my Christmas gifts for foodies guide...

I'm a long time fan of Gillian Kyle's quirky take on Scottish icons and already own a number of items including a Creamola Foam Tea Towel, Robert Burns Mug, Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Tape and a Tunnocks Teacake Apron. Foodie Loon meanwhile wears his Scottish Pride T-Shirt with pride. As a big fan of all things teacake I instantly fell in love with the newly launched Tunnock's side plates.

They look even better in real life. I can't decide whether to keep them in the cupboard or hang them on the wall as works of art. They certainly make me smile every time I use them. I am so looking forward to serving some Tunnock's Teacake Christmas Puddings up on them over the Festive Season. 

There's also a limited edition festive version of both Tunnocks mugs available with the addition of gold and silver embellishment. Plus a Christmas Card which has clearly taken influence from the Christmas Puddings above! There's even wrapping paper to finish it off to perfection. A teacake sure beats a satsuma in your Christmas stocking.

The folks at over at at Treat Republic let me choose my own early Christmas gifts from the fantastic selection available on their website. They sell an ecclectic range of handpicked, bespoke and personalised gifts. After much deliberation I opted for a Personalised Cheeseboard & Knife Set and a pair of Whisky Rockers (which I of course will use for gin!)
The cheeseboard is just perfect, sturdy chunky and the personalistion looks great. It's an integral part of the design unlike some items where the personalised part looks like an afterthought. I swithered over getting my own name or the blog name but opted for Claire rather than Foodie Quine to be extra mature. Hidden within is a rotating knife compartment containing a Cheese Fork, Stilton Knife and a Cheddar Knife. Who doesn't love Port & Stilton at Christmas?
If Cheese is my food love, Gin is definately my tipple of choice. The rocking tumblers look great when filled with G&T, ice and a slice. They are a real talking point. Why should whisky be the only beverage that gets to wobble like a weeble. Chin Chin!

Cocktails in the post? Hell yeah! Tipple Box is an Edinburgh based startup that for £24 a month will deliver a box of craft cocktail ingredients straight to your doorstep. Each box will contain two different recipies, providing you with enough ingredients to shake up to 8 glasses worth of cocktails. Just add ice and friends!
To kickstart the business Tipplebox have launched a crowdfunding drive on Indegogo where you can purchase the first box for yourself, or as a gift at the reduced price of £20. In addition there are a selection of other perks. I'm particularly liking the sound of a year of tippling for a bargain £150. Unlike some crowdfunding platforms "flexible funding" means that you'll still get your tipples even if the final goal isn't reached. Its a win, win situation. 
As the first of the boxes won't be sent out until the campaign ends on 15th November I haven't had the chance to sample the contents quite yet, however the quality of the brands involved reflects a true premium product. Chase Distillers and Fever Tree Mixers are up there with the best. Here's a sneaky peek of the kind of cocktail you can expect your postman to be delivering...

Lady Marmalade
1. Fill half of your Shaker Jar with ice (we recommend the crushed stuff)
2. Pour one bottle of the Chase Marmalade Vodka into the Shaker Jar
3. Pour half a bottle of the Fever-Tree Sicilain Lemonade into the Shaker Jar
4. Add half the jar of the Tiptree marmalade
5. Slice your lemon in half, squeeze the juice from one half into the jar (don’t use it all, you’ll need the other half for garnish)
6. Put the lid on the jar, hold on tight and shake for 10 to 20 seconds
7. Pour your Lady Marmalade into ice filled glasses or drink straight from the jar
8. Garnish with a slice of lemon
9. Repeat for a second jars worth
10. #happytippling

Disclosure : Thanks to Gillian KyleTreat Republic and Tipple Box for providing the above products to review. All views expressed are my own. 
If you're a brand who'd like to have your product featured in one of my Christmas Gifts for Foodies posts, please do get in touch claire@foodiequine.co.uk 


  1. Love the Tunnocks plates and I'm sure there will be plenty of takers for all the booze!

    1. They are so iconic and really make me smile. I'm sure the Commonwealth Games will have boosted the Tunnock's fanclub.

  2. I love the Tipple Box idea, a new cocktail every month? Hic!

    1. Sure beats a box of healthy snacks in the post ;-)

  3. Lovely ideas - I may have to leave this page open as a bit of a hint ;-)

  4. I am in love with those rocking glasses! They are going on my Christmas list. (For gin too, obvs - which is your fave?)


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