Pumpkins & Halloween Food - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration

Sunday 26 October 2014
Halloween is a complete godsend when it comes to getting crafty with food and drinks. There is just so much to play with. Admittedly I'm a bit nostalgic for the Scottish Halloween of my youth with guising, neeps and well rehearsed turns. Not sure that trick or treat, pumpkins and a knock knock joke quite cuts it. However pumpkins are definitely easier to carve than neeps and their burning flesh smells much better so its not all bad.
Ghostly Potatoes - Pumpkins & Halloween Food - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration

I was asked to come up with some ideas for the Quality Meat Scotland Good Family Food Facebook Page to put a meaty twist on proceedings. First up Ghostly Potatoes!

Top a ghoulish Scotch Beef Stew with spooky mash for Halloween. Mash your potatoes with plenty of butter and milk so they are nice and creamy. Pipe the Ghosts on top of your stew - or mince - and pop in peas for eyes. Boo! 

Pumpkins & Halloween Food - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration

Drunken Pumpkin - Pumpkins & Halloween Food - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration

Pumpkins & Halloween Food - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration

Pumpkins & Halloween Food - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration
Foodie loon is the pumpkin carver in this house and has come up with increasingly more impressive offerings over the last couple of years. Not sure what he has planned this year. All will be revealed later on in the week. I suspect there's a wee bit of rivalry between the Dads in the village as to which house has the best carved pumpkin. 
Halloween Green Zombie Drink - Halloween - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration
If you fancy something spooky to drink at Halloween how about a Green Zombie? This one was a Juice Master Turbo (pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lime, apple and avocado). An Asda Creepy Glass Clinger was used to decorate the glass. I reckon this would be fab with something a bit stronger added. Green Gin Zombie anyone?
Pepper Meatloaf Pumpkins - Halloween - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration
The second Good Family Food Facebook Page meaty feast for Halloween is Meatloaf Pepper Pumpkins.
Orange peppers are much easier to carve than Pumpkins! Choose ones with a flat base or trim so they sit straight. Slice off a lid and scoop out the seeds and core. Use a sharp knife to cut out spooky faces, fill with your favourite meatloaf recipe and bake until the peppers are tender and the stuffing is cooked through. 
Gingerdead Men - Halloween - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration
Halloween Cookies - Halloween - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration
There's a fantastic choice of spooky cookie cutters available. Last year I made GingerDEAD men and I've got a new set of Skeleton Cookie Cutters to try out this year. Both of these will be getting used this week at my kids after school class at Inchgarth Community Centre.
Bonfire Night Food - Sausages - Bonfire Bangers - Fireworks
Skipping forward a week I've been getting ahead of the game with a tasty treat for Guy Fawkes Night.
Remember Remember the 5th of November with these tasty Bonfire Bangers. Sausages on skewers topped off with colourful triangles of pepper combine to make edible fireworks.
Pumpkins - Halloween - Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration
Back to the pumpkins. Do you think we have enough? The big boys from the supermarket will be carved whilst the medium ones from the gardens at National Trust for Scotland's Leith Hall and the smallest ones from Lidl (who have a FAB selection) will be eaten. I'm also slightly tempted to set Foodie Loon the challenge of carving a Neep...

Disclosure - QMS commissioned me and compensated me for my time in creating halloween and bonfire night ideas for their Facebook page. All views expressed are my own.

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This post is an entry for the Cakeyboi and Kleeneze blogger Halloween competition


  1. I love these ideas, the pepper pumpkins and the little ghosts are so effective.

    1. Thanks Alison, do let me know if you make either of them. Both are really easy but great fun.

  2. So many scary looking dishes! Thank you so much for linking up with #FoodieFriday and I am hoping you will comeback yo link up again next week .x

    1. Always good to find a new linky to join in with #FoodieFriday

  3. So many great ideas! I LOVE your mashed potato ghosties and the spooky cling on the zombie juice glass is just genius!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!

    1. Halloween provides so many great opportunities to get creative with food. I'm planning mashed potato snowmen for Christmas!

  4. You need to set up a Halloween Pinterest board and pin things for when she's older.


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