Valentine Cake Club in Aberdeen

Saturday 8 February 2014
Aberdeen cake club time again and love was in the air with a Valentine theme. Alas I was feeling more stressed out than loved up as had a ridiculously busy week with no time for baking. Rather than bail out or turn up empty handed I opted for a romantic assembly job and set to making Hot Dog and Cheese Valentine Canapes with the assistance of boy and girl.
Valentine Hot Dog and Cheese Hearts. Heart Dogs.
Surely nothing can say love like mechanically recovered meat? If that hasn't put you off and you'd like to share the love you'll need hot dogs, cheese, cocktail sticks and a protractor. The protractor is perhaps overkill but you do need to get the angles right or you will have somewhat dodgy looking hearts. Cut off the end from a Hot Dog on the diagonal. Use this as a template to cut a matching half and skewer together with a cocktail stick. Finish off your cupids arrow with a triangle of cheese for the arrowhead and a V-shape for the feathers.

I jokingly posted on Twitter that I was worried that I might be thrown out for what I was bringing. However the joy of Pinnies and Petticoats is that there are no rules, competitive element or criticism. Last year in a similar vein I made Cherry Tomato Hearts. But also accompanied them with a real bake of heart shaped Cheese Oatcake Crackers.
A fabulous spread of goodies were on offer for Valentine's 2014 with a mix of sweet and savoury. As always great to see some new faces among the bakers but sad to be saying goodbye to founder members Tom and Martin. We look forward to hearing all about the soon to be formed Liverpool branch of Pinnies & Petticoats.
Chilli pesto and Gran Padoro Cheese Pastry Hearts
Cinamon Apple Puff Pastry Roses
Potato and Walnut Scones
Cheesy Biscuits
Vanilla Swirl Cookies
Chcolate and Rolo Brownie Hearts
Red Velvet Brownies with Cheesecake Topping
Pistachio & Rose Cookies
Rose & Cherry Sweet-Tarts
Chocolate Cupcakes with Mallow Icing
Rose Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing
Chocolate Sponge Cakes with Chocolate Hearts
Chocolate Heart Loaf
Gingerbread Loaf
Treacle Flapjack Tart
Sometimes love can be a bit of a Rocky Road
Marmalade Loaf
Malteser Scones
Chocolate Cake with Coconut Cream Icing
Chocolate flower pot Cupcakes with chocolate soil and a Cherry-Rose cake pop.
These surely had to be the recipient of the Star Baker award. Such a labour of love to make and so pretty. Girl was delighted when I brought one home in my tupperware box so she could have it the next day for her play piece.
Our next meet is Wednesday 12th March and the theme is "All natural ingredients - No processed food". Following on from that the proposed themes for the first half of the year are: 
April - Cocktails and Canapes
May - Cheese
June - Commonwealth Games
July - Picnic food
August - Back to School 
All welcome. 7pm at Tiger Tiger Aberdeen.

I'm entering this blog post in the February Cheese, Please! challenge where the theme is Cheesy Romance.

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