#MPM It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Monday 9 December 2013
The Silly Season has definitely started. Last week we had Pantomimes, Discos and Christmas Nights out and this week there will even be more of the same. Meal Planning has become somewhat hit or miss with all thoughts turned towards the big day itself. Don't really have much to share with regards to what we ate last week but everything went according to plan with the exception of the "unidentified soup". I removed it from the freezer to defrost but when I went to check on it mid afternoon turned out I'd taken out the wrong ice cream tub so for dinner we had melted ice cream. Better luck next time.
Had my first turkey of the season at the Aberdeenshire Rock Choir Christmas Party. The Palm Court Hotel did a fantastic job. Our two course meal was delicious and I even ate my sprouts.
The annual task of choosing the perfect Christmas tree took us to Tyrebagger Forest. Once the job of finding a fir was complete it was time for a late breakfast of Venison Burgers and Cheesy Chips. This is a very important Christmas tradition in our household.
A trip to Woodend Barn for series of three film screenings at entitled I Could Eat A Horse certainly provided food for thought. Produced by A Moment's Peace Theatre Company in conjunction with local groups they covered Food Banks, How Good is Your Food and eating alone when a partner has died. We followed up with food for the tummy at Buchanans Bistro. Festive Platter, Fish Chowder and Coffee & Hot Chocolate Art.

Delighted to go along to the official opening of Foodstory Cafe on Saturday night. Proud to be a tiny part of its reincarnation by virtue of being one of their kickstarter supporters. Even spotted my name on their bookcase of fame.
On Sunday I was delighted to be given an early Christmas Present from Nick Nairn. I spend the day at his Aberdeen Cook School sampling what a £149 one day cooking class gift card gets you. With cash gift cards starting at £20 and class gift cards ranging in price from £49 to £249. I'm sure anyone who finds Nick in their stocking this Christmas will be very happy! I'll be blogging about my day later this week but meantime you can visit their website to see the full range of gift card options. 

Did anyone hear me on BBC Radio Scotland Kitchen Cafe on Friday? I was making Gingerbread Biscotti. If not you can listen again (I'm about 20 minutes in) and get the recipe here. I'll be back on air again this week with Candy Cane Bark. Friday at 1.05pm and Sunday 12.05pm.

And so for this weeks somewhat scant #MealPlanningMonday
Smoked Haddock Bake
Chicken & Cider
Spaghetti Carbonarra
Chicken Broth
Freezer Rummage
We only actually have three nights this week when all four of us will be at home. The rest of the time consists of me and my BFF indulging in a Vintage Christmas at Maggies, hubby at his works doo, all of us at friend's for a Christmas Afternoon Tea (with the promise of something stronger than tea!) and a night at Buchanness Lighthouse when we will be dining at the Kilmarnock Arms in Cruden Bay.
Enjoy your week. Our advent candle which we burn every night at dinner is definitely getting shorter which must mean that Christmas is getting closer. Eeek! better think about doing some festive meal planning.


  1. Fab photos! That is a really pretty candle! x

  2. I love Cruden Bay :-) you always have such busy weeks, which are great to read about, so have fun! Will look forward to your Nick Nairn post too...


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