Meal Planning Monday by The Boy

Monday 11 November 2013
Another Monday rolls round and this week I've handed over the meal planning reins to my 11 year old son. Don't think for a moment that it will mean fish fingers and hot dogs. He's a total mini foodie in the making. Check out the pasta he made last night. Kids are off Monday and Tuesday this week for in service days. Bit of a strange one as they've only been back a fortnight since the Tattie holidays.
I think we stuck to plan last week and even managed to successfully deal with the fully feathered duck and partridge. Donald has gone in the freezer for later but we duly ate Mr Partridge.
Don't panic that's not blood oozing out of the finished dish rather its a sauce of rose wine with rowan, apple and rosemary jelly. I used the leg meat to make croquettes although there's really nae much meat on a Partridge leg. Or a breast for that matter. Reckon you really need a bird each.
My first attempt at Gumbo turned out really well although making a Roux is indeed a very long and smelly process. Smoked Haddock with Green Lentils was from Nigel Slater's Eat. One of my many foodie birthday gifts.
I'll definitely have my feet up come December at this rate as more festive goodies were made at evening class. Cranberry Sauce, Chilli Jam and Bramble, Apple and Cinnamon Chutney. Mustn't get too cocky. There will no doubt be a last minute panic. Really must get my goose ordered.
Had the most amazing experience on Saturday singing as part of the 700 strong Scottish Rock Choir at Murrayfield during the Scotland v Japan game. Our flash mob appeared to go down very well with the crowd who enjoyed watching us strip off and sing...
Its the Christmas meet of Pinnies and Petticoats cake club this week. Yup its early but purposely so in order that we can pick up ideas in plenty time for the big day. Not quite sure how I can compete with my Santa Penguins and Gingerbread Reindeer from last year.
So over to Kyle for this week's #MealPlanningMonday Not sure if he's actually going to be making it all or if its just me getting my orders. I gave him a huge pile of November food magazines to choose from but he picked them all from the very first one.

Monday - Baked Maple Glazed Salmon and Spinach
Tuesday - Little Mash Pies
Wednesday - Chinese Chicken Pie
Thursday - Mum and Dad are going out to the launch party for Nick Nairn's new Native Resturant in Aberdeen. We're having Gnocchi and Garlic Bread.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday  - Its Uncle Alastairs 50th Birthday Party at the Ban-Car Hotel and we are spending the whole weekend at the Waterside Hotel with our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. 
There may also be some more feathered friends to contend with. I believe that four pheasants may be winging their way to me. Perhaps I'd better not be too hasty in ordering that Christmas goose after all.


  1. Ohh wow!! If I asked my kids to meal plan it would be Pot noodles, pizza & chips and fish fingers all week! What a fab boy you have!!
    He can come and meal plan for me.....Everything sounds great!!

  2. My kids would offer up various potato dishes or pasta.....and nothing else lol x

  3. Sounds like you need a sous chef with all that going on. The choir sounds fun. Enjoy your Pinnies and Petticoats meet and post about what you made. I copied your reindeer biscuits last year and they were such a hit, so thanks :)

  4. Nice one Kyle, his pasta looks awesome. He and Laura should have plenty to talk about next time!


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