All I want for Christmas is... Cake (and biscuits and pies)

Wednesday 20 November 2013
There ain't no party like a cake club party. Time for the annual Pinnies & Petticoats festive event. Held in November to allow plenty time to try out all the ideas before the big day itself. A grand turnout of bakers and a smattering of Christmas Jumpers on show. There's no way I could top the Santa Penguins of last year but I did opt for a novelty item in addition to my real bake.
Can you tell who they are supposed to be? No not Santa. It's The Grinch. Easy when you know the answer. Pretty healthy too apart from the bobble on his hat. 
My real bake was Gingerbread Biscotti which in the end I was really pleased with, a couple of folk commenting that they thought it was my best ever bake. I had real trouble tracking the tiny Gingerbread Men Sprinkles down but finally found them in Hobbycraft. They are just too cute. But even they couldn't top the undoubted Star Bake of the night. Nicole's amazing Gingerbread House. If possible, it tasted even better than it looked.
Only four savouries lined up and not a pickled onion or cube of cheese between them. Some great ideas for using up Christmas leftovers. Thankfully no sprouts to be found in any.
Leftover Christmas Dinner Pies
Chicken & Cranberry Tartlets
Boxing Day Pie
Winter Spiced Squash Tarts Topped with Whipped Basil Goats Cheese
Yule Log
Snowmen Cupcakes
Not So Merry Melted Snowmen
Yule Log
Snowflake Biscuits
Orange & Ginger Stained Glass Biscuits
Christmas Cookies - Cranberry, White Choc, Citrus & Mixed Nut
Brown Sugar Chai Spiced Marshmallows
Chocolate Brownies with Sparkly Tinsel
Chocolate Chestnut Truffles
Sticky Sparkling Gingerbread
Sparkly Chocolate & Grand Marnier Truffles
Roasted Parsnip Cupcakes with Brandy Cream Cheese Frosting
Giant Chocolate Bauble filled with Baileys and Pistachio Fudge
Cinnamon Kringle Wreath
Ginger Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Icing
A quick share of my last year's efforts for the same event. The iconic Penguin Santa's and Upside Down Gingerbread Men Reindeer. See all the 2012 bakes blogged at Festive Pinnies & Petticoats. There is rumour of a bake free night out in December but with that exception Cake Club is over for 2013. First meet in the new year will have a Back to Basics theme. Best lookout the gruel and sackcloth.

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  1. Ohh wow! So many lovely looking treats!!
    I had to read that twice though....Roasted Parsnip Cupcakes! I've never heard of them before....


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