Meal Planning Monday - Almost October

Monday 30 September 2013
Total lack of meal planning last week but back on it and aiming to use up some lingering items from the bottom of the freezer. Can't believe we're almost in October. Time to put away my September Cookery Magazines and dig out the October issues. Quick pictorial round up of what we ate based on my last meal plan.
Mini Burgers 
Tuna & Sweetcorn Quiche made by boy and girl
Squash & Courgetts Soup with Soda Bread
Pink Gnocchi
Courgette Fritters

Had a really busy weekend with a few foodie elements included along the way. Brought along some pancakes and plum jam to a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday hosted by a friend. A fantastic array of cakes and bakes on offer and £300 raised for a very good cause.

On Friday night we attended the VIP launch party for the Scottish Home Show. Great demo by local loon Kev Shand of newly launched Flavours At Home ably assisted by Smilley Smilley Carol.

Fun and food in Rubislaw Terrace Gardens on Saturday at PLAYPark. Hullicinatory Zoo Mini Golf, Giant Chess, Pie Face, Crafty Sheds, Hoop Raaar, Hook a Duck and fab street food from EAT Beetroot including Venison Lollipops, Cullen Skink and Barbecued Pulled Pork Tacos.
50th Birthday party on Saturday night and I brought along a 7 layer Mexican Dip. Very simple to make and you can use ready made tubs of gucamole and salsa if you don't fancy making your own. The layers are
1. Refried Beans
2. Gucamole
3. Cheese 
4. Spring Onions
5. Black Olives
6. Tomato Salsa
7. Sour Cream
On the menu this week... #mealplanningmonday

Madras Chicken Kebabs
Crab & Leek Pasties
Enchiladas & Salsa
Bramble & Apple Scrumble
Remnants of the veggie cupboard and salad drawer Soup
Roast Chicken Dinner

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  1. Sound good. Here's mine (I plan and shop on Fridays)
    Mon - corned beef hash with roasted beetroot
    Tue - Aromatic Pork Belly (Leftovers) hotpot
    Wed - Chorizo and bean stew
    Thu - Chilli with wraps and avocado/tom salsa
    Fri (Bistro night) - Fish cakes probably
    Sat - Mishmishaya (Sp) - persian lamb, apricots and rice dish
    Sun - dunno - have place at a special Nick Nairn 'Perfect steak' class.


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