Meal Planning for Rock Stars

Sunday 15 September 2013
Another week over and the weather still doesn't know if its coming or going. Was disappointed that the Harvest Home Event we were planning to go to yesterday at The Store was cancelled because of the extreme weather hopefully it can be rescheduled. Busy week ahead as its Girl's 9th Birthday and she's having a Rock Star Party. More on that to come. Last week I made almost everything I said I would. Head on over to my Huntly Hairst post to see the The Minced Beef Pinwheels with Roasted Veg and the Tomatillo Green Salsa plus lots of other goodies from what was a fantastic Food and Farming Festival.
The deconstructed Sushi Brown Rice Salad with Smoked Salmon was fantastic as always. This is one of my favourite dishes at Giraffe and the recipe is in their cookbook. Such zingy flavours and a real kick from the wassabi and ginger.
Black Pudding Pizza Bianco was a big hit. I guess it will either be a love or loathe thing but we absolutely loved it. No tomato sauce (hence the bianco) grated Mozzarella, crumbled Stornoway black pudding, fried bacon bits, red onion, more mozzarella (sliced) and topped with a grinding of dried chilli.
Squash, Halloumi and Chilli Frittata was a delicious Sunday Supper. The squeaky cheese combined wonderfully well with mint and chilli. Alas the planned Mint Shortbread was put on the back burner. I completely forgot about the Pinnies and Petticoats Cake Club 1st Birthday Party so had to quickly russle up some pie pops. Blog post to come soon with those.

More off plan baking at the end of the week when our Village Association requested donations of homebakes for a fundraising cafe. I threw together a batch of Marmalade Muffins and some Mary Berry Double Choc Chip Brownies.
And so to this week and #mealplanningmonday

Squash and Courgette Soup & Soda Bread
Pink Gnocchi
Courgette Fritters
Tuna & Sweetcorn Quiche (made by boy & girl)
Plum Jam
Duck with Spiced Plums
Plum & Amaretto Crumble

Rock Star Party
Mini Burgers in Buns & Fries
Thick Strawberry & Chocolate Milkshakes
Popcorn, Sweets, Crisps
Champagne (non alcoholic fizz!)
Pink Sparkly Cupcakes

Did you spot a few plum recipes sneaking in to the meal plan? I've got quite a lot to use up thanks to a lovely friend who let me raid her tree. Thanks Lyndsey.
One more thing to mention in case you missed it. Big announcement last week was that I've organised what will hopefully be the first of many "Foodie Quine Presents" events. Its a Wild Food and Foraging day in South Aberdeenshire led by Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods. I'm really excited about it and ticket sales have been encouraging so far but it's not too late to book a place. Just don't leave it too long if you fancy joining us on a fungi forage.


  1. Ohh the Rock Star Party sounds fab!!
    The Black Pudding Pizza Bianco sounds interesting!! I love Black pudding!!
    Great meal plan x

  2. You've shared some fantastic ideas this week. Those pie pops look amazing. Hope the party goes well

  3. The muffins and brownies look devine! Enjoy the party :)

  4. Hi I love the sound of the black pudding pizza, may have to try this one myself :). I saw you on At home with Mrs M's Meal Plan Monday and when I saw your title I knew you were from my neck of the woods :). I have just started out blogging if you are interested in looking at my blog it is:

  5. That is a lot of plums, I love using them for jam though as it always sets beautifully. Love the pie pops, they look really fun.

  6. I must say I don't like even the thought of black pudding but have never even dared to try it, I am a bit squeamish about that! But all this talk of tasty food is making me hungry! LOL
    anyway, just letting you know that my new kitchen shop is up and running now over at Bento Box blog!


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