Gourmet Gals Summer Food Swap

Friday 6 September 2013
I went along to my second Gourmet Gals Food Swap in Aberdeen last week. You can read about my first food swapping experience here which subsequently featured on BBC Radio Scotland Kitchen Garden. No radio, no bread and no fighting this time around. 
In true Little Red Riding Hood style I packed up my basket with a selection of goodies to swap
We were out in the back garden again where hostess Netty had set up a lovely area for us to display our wares and enjoy the refreshments of an amazing Victoria Sponge and some of Andy's Rose Wine. Alas the black clouds came, it began to spit with rain and we had to quickly move indoors with our wares.
Less participants than the last event but still a wonderful selection of goods on offer. Jams, Marmalade, Izzie & Rosie's Eggs, Redcurrants, Salad Leaves, Broccoli, Beans, Quiches, Sage & Onion, Macaroni Cheese and Calzone.
I was delighted with my homeward bound basket which provided a fantastic Friday night dinner. Two Tomato and Red Pepper Calzones, Macaroni Cheese, Sunshine Quiche and Summer Veg and Goats Cheese Quiche. I also got a couple of jars of jam. Raspberry and Blackcurrant. Runner Beans and Sage & Onion completed my haul. Alas I did come home with two of my own items. My jar of Chive Flower Vinegar and one tub of the Parsley & Mint Pesto.
I was a bit disheartened but Netty pointed out that the food network toolkit says "Do not be discouraged if another swapper says no to your items, and don't be afraid to say no to others! Food is personal and there are many factors that go into a swappers choice". 
I don't think I've ever made Sage & Onion stuffing before and I was a bit sceptical but it was amazingly good and I'll definitely be including it with Sunday lunch from now on. Popped the rest of the sage in the freezer for next time but think I'm going to have to get a plant of my own. My Chive Vinegar was inspired by the lovely Fi Bird of The Foragers Kitchen.
Very simple to make. The vinegar takes on the pinkness and flavour of the chive flowers surprisingly quickly. As there were no takers for this I decided to use it to make some posh pickled eggs. No quails eggs to be found at the supermarket but yet again Hammerton Store saved the day and sourced some for me. I really do hope they turn pink.
The next Gourmet Gals meet is scheduled for Wednesday 9th October and its autumnal timing will lend itself to foraging and berries. Brambles and Apples will certainly be featuring in my swaps. Fingers crossed there might also be a pink pickled egg or two.


  1. OK now I am hungry! All that food looks amazing. The swap sounds like a great idea too.


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