One Week BBQ Challenge with John Lewis

Monday 5 August 2013
I do love a BBQ and as soon as there is a glimmer of good weather I fire ours up. We have a gas one which I know some folk see as cheating but it works very well for us. We have it right at the back door under the shelter of the porch so it can actually be used in all weathers. Having recently returned from a fortnight in Italy where we barbecued lots (on charcoal) I was very much up for an opportunity which awaited me from John Lewis who invited me to take part in their One Week BBQ Challenge. They would send me the Weber One Touch Master Touch Charcoal Barbecue and in return I would use it for one whole week and share my experience on the blog.
BBQ Italian Style
Al Fresco in Bella Italia
Considering the heatwave it couldn't sound more perfect. That was until the thunder, lightening and torrential rain hit. Undaunted I eagerly awaited the delivery of the BBQ. I'm sure the delivery man was smirking as he unloaded it from his van in the pouring rain. I left Foodie Loon to build it and he said it was pretty simple and straightforward to assemble. First impressions were that it looks very stylish. Shiny, sleek and somewhat sputnik like.
I excitedly tweeted about my new toy and got a reply from BBQ guru Marcus who blogs at Countrywoodsmoke. Looks like he approves.

First meal of seven in a row on the BBQ and the sun was shining. Might have been a good idea to actually read the instruction book that came with it. Foodie Loon was left to light it whilst I prepped the meat. Mini Chicken fillets marinated in Schwarts Mojito Lime Marinade Mix, Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar and S&P and Pork Ribs with Clarks Maple Syrup, Olive Oil, La Chinata Smoked Paprika, Grainy Mustard and S&P.
There seemed to be plenty heat coming from the coals when we added the food but cooking was slow and the heat seemed to die down and only cover a very small area. I was very tempted to fire up the gas BBQ to finish them off but resisted and persevered. We got there in the end but it wasn't a huge success. Instructions will be read before day two...
Here's what's on the rest of the #mealplanningmondy BBQ menu this week in no particular order

Pizza - yup apparently this is doable on the BBQ
Whole Chicken - slightly worried about this...
Sweetcorn, Blue Cheese Mushrooms, Asparagus & Parma Ham
Dirty Steaks - cooked straight on the coals
Chicken, Avocado & Halloumi Kebabs
Homemade Burgers

And for desert.. (again all BBQ'd)
Tunnocks Teacakes
Chocolate Brownie Oranges
S'mores Cones

Would love to hear any of your top tips for charcoal BBQing plus any suggestions of what else I should cook. Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather. I do have a golf umbrella on hand just in case. Lets see if I manage a week of charcoal without reverting to gas...


  1. Ohhh wow!! Sounds like a great challenge!!
    Hope the weather isn't too bad for you! We have torrential rain
    Everything sounds delicious! Can't wait to read how you get on :)

  2. We barbecued a whole chicken for the first time at the weekend and it turned out beautifully! We spatchcocked it first which was dead quick and easy and then after 20 mins on each side it was perfectly cooked.

    Enjoy your week!


  3. Blue cheese mushrooms! Yum this sounds amazing! Such a fun week ahead. Enjoy!


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