My Vintage Kitchenalia Collection

Friday 9 August 2013
A very photo heavy post today. A picture speaks a thousand words. I love retro kitchenware and can regularly be found scouring charity shops and vintage fairs in search of a treasure. Here's a wee round up of just some of my collection.
Chopping Boards & Place Mats from Vintage Fairs and Steptoes Yard. Steptoes has to be seen to be believed. Impossible to describe the sheer variety and quantity of items for sale. Well worth a visit but only if you are prepared to rummage and haggle.
The Butter Hands belonged to my Grandma Mornearn. (She of the famous shortbread) I bet they could tell a few tales.
Blue enamel pot bought at a vintage fair the day we went Glamping in a Gypsy Caravan and used that very night on the campfire to make hot chocolate. Coffee pot was spotted in a charity shop window a couple of weeks later for a bargain price in comparison.
Good old Pyrex Casserole dishes. I wonder how many sets of these have been given as wedding or engagement gifts over the years. Pretty and practical.
Classy Cusine Canape Maker purchased on Ebay. Has been well used to make canapes at my 40th Birthday Party and a 70's Party.
Breakfast tray was spotted at a Vintage Pop Up Shop and I swithered over buying it and didn't. Couldn't get it off my mind so contacted the seller a week or so later to find it was unsold and the price reduced so I snapped it up. It has made a regular appearance at breakfast time ever since
Not sure where the Andy Pandy and Noddy plates came from. Don't think they were mine. Absolutely love my funky blue and purple floral tray and melamine pastel napkin rings.
A coddled egg was always a treat at my Grandma Corntowns house when I was wee. A much underrated way of cooking eggs. Boy and Girl both love them but I doubt very much any of their friends would know what one is. Do you?
Vintage upcycling in this cute cakestand made from the iconic Woolworths Homemaker plates. Purchased this from the lovely Craig of Very Vintage.
Gorgeous Carnaby pattern mugs from a Vintage Fair and the same pattern in a smaller version with matching saucers from a charity shop. The charity shop set cost £4 and I've seen the same set - albeit with matching coffee pot - at a fair priced at £95.
I hope you've enjoyed a wee nosey at some of my vintage bits and bobs. I have lots more to share and am always on the lookout so there will definitely be a part two. Quick shout out to some local Aberdeenshire fairs and suppliers worth investigating if you are in this neck of the woods


  1. Tessie Bear plate came from Grandma Monearn. I have a feeling she used it for her SWRI child's meal competition. No idea about the Andy Pandy plate. BIC

  2. Thanks for sharing. Some of these area real blast from the past. Love the chopping boards x

  3. I remember my Nanny having those flowery mugs!

  4. I just randomly happened upon this blog searching for 'vintage kitchenalia' and what a coincidence, I'm in Aberdeen as well! Small world.

    You've got a nice collection there! I've only just started collecting but I think now I've caught the bug.


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