Cooking in the Classroom

Tuesday 20 August 2013
I enjoy helping out at Boy and Girl's primary school when I can and I'm always the first to volunteer if they need any help with baking. As a result of a session making shortbread with P6 for Burns night I came up with a plan. I had been really saddened how many of the kids in the class had never cooked or baked before so approached the headmaster to ask if I could come in and cook with the pupils one morning a week. He bit my hand off. So here's what we made last term, all with the aim of tying in with the class project.
 P1 Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

P6 "Victorians" Rhubarb Crumble & Jam Tarts

P2 "Dinosaurs" Gingerbread Dinosaurs

P3M "Totally Tatties" Wedges & Dips and Tattie Scones

P1/2 Herbs – Cheese & Herb Muffins, Cucumber & Mint Riata

P4/5 "Fishing" Salmon Fishcakes and Seafood Pasta

P3B "Totally Tatties" Paprika Spiced Wedges & Tattie Scones

P4 "Vikings" Viking Soda Bread
A good option for this would be Medieval Horsebread

P6/7 "Rainforest" Exotic Smoothies

All the kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy their cooking experience and the vast majority ate their creations with enthusiasm. Some trying foods for the first time. Much excitement in sharing their dishes with their Class Teachers, Headmaster and the Janitor. 

Big thanks must also go to the Mums who helped me during the term. Nikola, Lisa, Marie, Sarah, Kirsteen and Pauline. I couldn't have done it without them.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of my knowledge within the neglected Home Economics Department of the school and hope they'll have me back for more this term. Anything which helps to raise the profile and importance of food education can only be a good thing. Cooking is such an important life skill and unless our kids have the opportunity to learn about where food comes from, healthy eating choices and practical cooking skills the diet and health of Scotland is unlikely to change for the better. If I can play even a tiny part in this then all for the good. 

ETA 26/8/13 Even Mr Nairn thinks so!


  1. Excellent! How fabulous are you for doing that? Much needed in our schools I think. Hope you get to do it again this year.

  2. What you've done with the kids is great. I love the dinosaur biscuits!

  3. So good, I'd love to do something similar saddens me how many kids grow up without good food

  4. Thanks for pointing this out to us Claire, really interesting - food education in our country could do with such a makeover in so many schools.


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