Meal Planning Monday. Demob Happy.

Monday 1 July 2013
It's the last week of term and only five sleeps until we fly to Italy for a fortnights holiday. Can't believe we are in July. Still not at all organised with packing and have another hectic week ahead. Last weeks Meal Plan got jumbled about a wee bit but the only real casualty was the Kedgeree with Black Pudding which will definitely go back on MPM at some point. My yorkies were a bit of a flop. Think I probably overfilled my new larger tins which caused them to collapse when they came out of the oven. Both of the two new 2 in 1 recipe mixes I was trying out for Schwartz were a hit but particularly the Garlic & Thyme Roast Chicken and Crispy Roast Potatoes which I'd definitely use again.
On Wednesday night I was delighted to be invited to the launch party for an exclusive Members Only Laurent-Perrier Champagne Lounge at Eat On The Green. We were treated to a range of delicious hot, cold, savoury and sweet canapes at the Chefs Table. A wonderfully informative Champagne tasting and an introduction to the world of the Highland Chocolatier. This new string to the bow of Eat On The Green has been a real labour of love by Kilted Chef Craig and his wife Lindsay. I'm sure it will be a great success. Just a pity I was the designated driver. My plus one took full advantage and she had a suitably fuzzy head next morning to show for it.

I spent the best part of Friday helping my chum and Indian Cookery Teacher B cook up chicken curry, chickpeas and bombay potatoes on an industrial scale to sell at our annual village fair. Great fun but really hard work. I was stinking of spices, onions, chilli and garlic and my fingers looked like I smoked 40 a day.

Friday night was spent helping to hull and prep thousands of Strawberries for the Fair. I can totally recommend this natty wee huller from Lakeland to make the job so much easier. Not so great on very small berries as you lose too much flesh but great for medium to large ones when you have a lot to get through. The berries from Castleton Farm were fantastically tasty as always.

And so to this week's #MealPlanningMonday

MONDAY - Coronation Chicken & Mango Wraps with Potato Wedges
I tweeted to ask for ideas to utilise left over roast chicken (that didn't include rice or pasta) and settled on this fusion of a couple of suggestions.

TUESDAY - Fridge Leftover Frittata
Still trying to use up a surplus of eggs so will kill two birds with one stone and combine with items languishing in the fridge that need used or binned prior to holidays.

WEDNESDAY - Andy Murray Sausages (Pork, Strawberry & Champagne) & Pimms Salad. 
Wimbledon fever is alive and well. Hopefully Andy can go all the way this year. Haigs Food Hall are producing these Sausages for one week only so I've just got to give them a try along with my own Pimm's Salad recipe.

THURSDAY - Chicken Korma, Rice, Chapatis, Spinach and Potato Pakoras, Raita
As if I hadn't seen enough curry at the weekend I said I'd show one of my friends how to make Pakoras. May as well go the whole hog and have them all round for an Indian meal.

FRIDAY - Dinner in our Airport Hotel... 

WEEKEND - Pizza, Pasta, Risotto...

There will be no meal planning for the next couple of weeks so whilst I'm indulging in copious quantities of Pizza, Pasta and Risotto followed by Pannacotta and Tiramisu and washed down with Prosecco you'll need to head to At Home With Mrs M for your weekly Meal Planning Fix.



  1. oooh I want one of those strawberry hullers! have a fabulous time and enjoy the food :-) Leanne x

  2. Have a great time away!! We have about 3 weeks until the end of term...
    Everything sounds delicious!! Have a great week x

  3. So jealous of yOur trip! Enjoy!

  4. I love the look of the Strawberry huller and Lucky you going to the event, sounds amazing.#
    Enjoy your holiday, and pizza, pasta, etc x

  5. Pizza, Pasta and Risotto followed by Pannacotta and Tiramisu and washed down with Prosecco - You've just made me drool! I'm so looking forward to Italy!! I'm still a bit in shock that I'm going at all! Might have to compare foodie notes when I'm back!


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