Meal Planning Monday - Festival, Food Swap, Foraging

Sunday 16 June 2013
What a fantastic foodie week I've just had including attending my first ever Food Swap Event, featuring on BBC Radio Scotland Kitchen Garden and visiting Crail Food Festival. We had absolutely perfect weather on Sunday for a day of Seafood, Sandcastles and Sunshine at Crail. Will be blogging all about it later this week but as a taster here are my purchases.
A highlight of the day was a Foraging Walk led by Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods. Again a full blog post to come but it was really interesting and inspiring couple of hours and he found so much in such a short distance. Especially loved his wild sushi and Elderflower Champagne.
Quick round up of the meals of last week foraged from the depths of the freezer. The Chicken Curry was fantastically good but not sure I could recreate it as it was very much bucket chemistry cooking at its best. The Savoury Croissants were a big hit, don't know why I've left it so long since last having these.
Had a bit of a crisis when making my Keema Mince and Peas as I overdid the chilli and spices and it was blow your mind hot. Ended up draining it through a colander to get rid of some of the sauce then added more stock and served with a giant dollop of natural yoghurt. The frozen Stuffed Parathas were a huge hit. Absolutely delicious. Will need to get some more. 
Attended the Aberdeen Gourmet Gals Food Swap on Thursday night and utilised the Mixed Leaf and Edible Flower Salad and the Fresh Salsa in my Friday lunch and evening meal. My lunch was pretty as a picture and a glorious day meant Brinner became BBQ.
Another scorcher of a day on Saturday when we were headed to friends for a BBQ. I brought along a Mango and Passion fruit Pavlova. Mixed Baxters Mango and Passion Fruit Curd bought at Taste of Grampian through the cream and it worked amazingly well.
And so to this weeks #MealPlanningMonday which is somewhat light on content

Monday - Wee Veni Pies
Bought these from Seriously Good Venison at Crail Food Festival

Tuesday - Seafood Savoury Croissants
Loved the cheese and pancetta ones so much last week that I'm revisiting with a different filling.

Wednesday - Fish & Chips
Its Pinnies and Petticoats Cake Club tonight so I'll be saving myself for goodies there whilst the troops tuck into chippy tea from the freezer.

Thursday - Cosmo
Catching up with a friend over a meal out at boy and girls choice of restaurant.

Friday - The Spice Station
A new Indian Takeaway has just opened in the village. We went along to a charity taster session last Sunday lunchtime which was lovely and have been hearing good things about them since so going to give them a try.

Weekend - Glamping
We are making a return visit to the High Seas Hobbit. This time there will be 12 of us so a combination for Camping and Glamping. The Mums have bagsied the Hobbit and the Dads and Kids will be under canvas. Fingers crossed for good weather.
Enjoy your week whatever is on the menu for you and yours and head on over to Mrs M's place for more meal planning bloggage.


  1. Hungry again reading you're meal plan
    Everything sounds delicious!!

  2. oh my lord!!! Your pictures are making me drool!! enjoy! x

  3. Your food always looks gorgeous! Love the pavlova and the flowers are cute.

  4. That all looks amazing, especially the pavlova :-)


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