Eurovision Pinnies & Petticoats Cake Club

Tuesday 28 May 2013
An inspired theme for the May Pinnies and Petticoats Aberdeen Cake Club. Eurovision. We had our biggest turn out yet with almost 30 in attendance and "entries" from 24 different countries. Very much doubt I've captured all the bakes and their correct names. Oslo calling with my own entry up first. Thanks to my Norwegian friend A for the loan of the props and being my taste tester.

Norway - Norske Rabarbrakake (Rhubarb Cake)

Our venue at Tiger Tiger looked pretty spectacular decked out with flags but it's pretty dark which is always a challenge for photography. What an amazing spread and great to see so many new bakers. Are Tunisia competitors? If so Elizabeth's Tunisian Orange Cake would be perfect. 
Lithuania - Rye bread with Sour Cream
Romania - Cozonac
Poland - Potica (sweet yeasted nut roll) 
Italy - Schicciatta with dipping oil and balsamic vinegar
 Azerbaijan - Zebra Cake
Israel - Honey Cake - from the land of Milk & Honey
Austria - Sachertorte
Ireland - Potato Cake
Finland - Tiger Cake & Spoon Cookies

Hungary - Cinnamon and Maple Monkey Cakes, Chimney Cake and Apricot Festival Donuts
France - Madeleines with Black Cherry and Chambord dipping sauce
San Marino - Black Forest Cake with Italian Cherries
Netherlands - ?? no idea - sorry!
Serbia - Tulumbe
Denmark - Danish Pastries
Malta - Stuffed Prunes and Kwarezimal (Lenten Sweet)
Germany - Peach & Pistachio Cheesecake
Estonia - Rhubarb Cake
Russia - Teacakes
Greece - Baklava
Sweden - Kottbullar (meatballs)

Medovik - Azerbaijan honey cake

Switzerland - Chocolate Swiss Roll

Iceland - Vinerterta

What a fantastic night. Douze points all round. Everyone's a winner at cake club. Breakfast the morning after Pinnies and Petticoats is always a treat. Tupperware overflowing with goodies. Our next meet in June is without a theme but a photographer is coming along to give us some tips on foodie photos so watch this space for possible dramatic improvement. If you are in Aberdeen or surrounds and fancy joining us please do "like" the Pinnies and Petticoats Facebook page. Always room for more bakers.


  1. Yay. Love the layout on this post - good idea- you have done so well to get so many bakes in.

    1. Thanks Lou. So many lovely cakes and bakes this month. Great theme. Had to try and get as many in as possible.


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