Chocolate Afternoon Tea and a Tea Party Crafternoon

Thursday 23 May 2013
I'm much more of a cheese person than a chocolate one but I am prepared to sacrifice myself in the pursuit of friendship. My lovey chum L is a confirmed Chocoaholic so what better treat for her birthday that a Chocolate Afternoon Tea. I had heard good things about a new cafe in Aberdeen Cup Tea Salon & Cafe and when I spotted their afternoon tea offering I just knew it had to be done.
The description on the menu for the Chocolate Afternoon Tea was a cocoa overload and the heaving cakestand which arrived on our table didn't disappoint. Delightfully topped off with a birthday candle.

Nutella Toasties
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Cranberry & White Chocolate Scone
Chocolate Macaroon, 
Chocolate Truffles
Selection of Chocolate Tray Bakes

Despite any initial reservations I absolutely loved the Nutella toasties. Fresh crusty bread lifted them to a whole new level. Moving up a layer to the scones. Cranberry and White Chocolate was substituted for Apple and Cinnamon which suited me much better. Chocolate dipped strawberries contributed towards one of my five a day. To wash it all down with I opted for a Hot Chocolate topped with cream and malteasers (hold the marshmallows) In for a penny, in for a pound. L confessed that she doesn't like Hot Chocolate. Builders Tea for her. 
At this point in the proceedings I spotted a couple of amazing looking iced teas arriving at another table. I am so easily swayed and wasted no time in ordering myself one. I fancied the White Ginger Pear but it was sold out so opted instead for Pomegranate Blackberry. Time for the top layer of the cake stand. Chocolate Macaron to start made by Aberdeen family run patisserie Almondine. I'm going to have to make a return visit to try their Peanut Butter, Pistachio and Salter Caramel flavours.
The decor in Cup is just as fabulous as the menu and tea offerings with a quirky Mad Hatters Tea Party and Alice in Wonderland Theme. A trip to the toilets is an absolute must. Birds and Birdcages pop up everywhere and all the cruet sets are variations on that theme. 
We almost managed to clear the whole cakestand but I was defeated by the final slice of millionaires shortbread. My head was buzzing for the rest of the day with a sugar rush and I couldn't eat another bite. I have been considering what a Cheese Afternoon Tea might look like. Strange as it might sound I know at least one other person who would happily share a Cheesy Cakestand. Perhaps there is a gap in the market to be filled.
Thankfully my chocolate hangover soon subsided as a few days later I was booked on to a Tea Party Themed Crafternoon run by knittykittybangbang. Over the course of two hours we crafted three items accompanied by cake and mocktails.
The lovely Karen from Blow Your Own Crumpet brought along some amazing Pimms Cupcakes to celebrate World Baking Day. They. Were. Awesome. Pimms, mint, berries, cucumber and cream cheese frosting. Totally up my street. The Union Jack cases only added to their perfection.
Our first crafty effort was a Papel Picado Card. Much concentration required to ensure you cut out the right bits with your craft knife and avoided cutting off any fingers. Next up a felt flower booch or hairclip. After a rocky start I finally mastered blanket stitch but whether I could do it again is another matter. Girl loves her funky hair clip.
Final make of the afternoon was a vintage cakestand. The hard work of hole drilling had already been done so it was just a matter of assembly. I wonder how it would look adorned with a Cheesy Afternoon Tea. Lets hope L can track one down for me by the time my birthday rolls around.


  1. This looks lovely! I am in the central belt but moving to Angus soon so might need to make a wee trip up to Aberdeen!

    1. Definitely worth a trip. Lots of lovely foodie places to explore in Angus too.

  2. Chocoholic I might be, but I am definitely liking the sound of your cheesy afternoon tea. You did very well to polish that lot off, not sure I would have managed it.

    1. Admittedly it was a struggle but it was pretty much the only thing I ate all day. L has taken up the challenge of finding me a Cheesy Afternoon Tea. Not sure if she realises the quest that lies ahead.

  3. Im loving the sound of the tea and the afternoon crafting. My idea of heaven! Will be making a trip to CUP soon!


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