Meal Planning - Sushi & Superheros but alas no Wombles

Sunday 28 April 2013
Sad news first. I'm not going to be a Foodie Womble. My Foraging Course has been cancelled. Can't believe how gutted I am that I'm not going to get to eat weeds. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets rescheduled in the Autumn. However we did spend yesterday at an amazing Celtic Food & Drink Festival at the Scottish Crannog Centre and had some foraged greens there. Had the most fantastic day with delicious iron age food. Full blog post to follow but for now a pictorial taster.
Last week was National Stationery Week. I am a bit of a Stationery geek and since I started taking part in #mealplanningmonday I have combined my love of food and stationery with my fab "What to Eat" pad. 
Didn't quite stick to the plan on the pad last week for one reason or another. Have already blogged about my Turkey Keema Curry and the Homemade Mozzarella and Cheesy Monkey Bread I made for Pinnies & Petticoats Bake Club. Next months theme is Eurovision which should be fun.
I panko breadcrumbed up some lemon sole goujons to go with chips and mushy peas. Beats ruskolined fish fingers any day. Think I'm going to have to give fellow Panko lover Karen of Blow Your Own Crumpet's Katsu Curry recipe a go very soon.
Did anyone else get a wee bit obsessed over The Great British Sewing Bee? I absolutely loved it and have declared that when I get old I want to be a cross between the winner Ann and Mary Berry. Both amazing women. Was so chuffed with my cotton reel chocs that my chum L brought round when she came for a cuppa.
Friday was Superhero Day at School with the pupils dressing up to support Northsound Cash for Kids. I am completely against the idea of spending £££'s on fancy dress costumes in order to donate £1 for the privilege of wearing them to school  As such boy and girl came up with their own Superheros. Super Sleepy and Super Chef to the rescue! Super Chef's powers include rescuing kitchen disasters and stopping baddies stealing your ingredients.
Superheros need a super supper and thankfully I had planned a BBQ with a selection of exotic burgers from Andrew Gordon. We had Zebra, Wagu, Kangaroo and Buffalo. Girl was most disappointed by the lack of stripes on the Zebra burger. All were very tasty but my favourite was probably Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
And so to this weeks #mealplanningmonday

Monday - Turkey Kebabs marinaded in Soya Sauce with Peanut Satay
I was at a Ladies Night in the village on Saturday and one of the stalls was Ria's Sambal & Soya Sauce I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Ria and look forward to using her products and hopefully attending one of her Indonesian Cookery Demonstrations in the not too distant future.

Tuesday - Chorizo and Cannelini Bean Stew
Bought some Chorizo sausages from Haigs on a recommendation from a friend and going to attempt something like this from Johnny's Kitchen

Wednesday - Frittata 
Not quite sure what will be in it. Perhaps pea, feta and mint or goats cheese and red onion.

Thursday - It's our 15th Wedding Anniversary today. I had planned to cook something special however have since had a better offer. Can't say where I'm headed but I will leave Foodie Loon a ready meal for one.

Friday - Steak, Chips, Onion Rings, Peppercorn Sauce, Fried Egg, Mushrooms - the works!
Making up for being absent last night.

Saturday - Anniversary meal at Yatai
This is an awesome Japanese resturant. Check out the menu. I am already drooling at the prospect of their Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll Sushi.

Sunday - Roast Gammon, Mustard Sauce, Roasties and Veggies
Trying again with the Sunday roast that got bumped from last weeks menu

As always I'm linking up with Mrs M. Head on over and see what other bloggers have planned for this week. Do leave me a comment below - I love to hear from all except spammers. You can also follow me on Twitter @foodiequine and like me on Facebook Have a good week x


  1. Firstly, glad to hear you're sampling the sausages, hope you rate them as much as me, I fear I'm less fussy these days with the restrictions of my diet. Anyway, super sleepy and super chef are brilliant!! Also, I'm probably well behind, but how long has Yatai been reopened for? I'm delighted by this, will have to get there for dinner soon. I'll be intrigued by the mustard sauce on the gammon - the lack of a sauce that appeals is what puts me off having gammon for a sunday roast. Leanne.

    1. I think Yatai reopened late last year. This will be my first visit in their third incarnation. The mustard sauce is just a basic white sauce with a generous spoon english mustard. I think it works really well with Gammon.

  2. Wow, those costumes are awesome! I have to ask, WHERE did you get that meal planning pad? My stationery-loving heart needs to know.

    1. Glad you like the costumes. The Meal Planning Pad is from a US company called Knock Knock. You should be able to find it online via a quick google. Amazon UK should have it.

  3. Mmmm!! Lots of lovely meals planned!!
    Happy Anniversary to you for later in the week! Have a fab time x

  4. So much to love here - the meal plan, the stationery (need and want!) and the love for the GB Sewing Bee which I recently binge watched on iPlayer. Loved it - it has even inspired me to dig out some of my half finished cross stitch kits from years ago!

    Have a lovely week and a very happy anniversary.


    1. Thanks Seren. I must dig out my sewing too.

  5. Another great meal plan. I tried the Turkey Keema last week and it was delicious. Served it with brown rice and raw grated carrot. BIC

  6. Oh happy anniversary for Thursday! Lovely meals here - I'm seeing chorizo a lot on people's blogs... I must get some!

    1. Thanks Lauren. Its great to pick up foodie inspiration from others.

  7. Hello there! Hope you received my previous message because I can't see it. Was wondering how you would rate your meal from Monday, Turkey Kebabs marinated in the sweet soya sauce. Can't wait to hear ....

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for tomorrow! Have a nice one.
    Cheers, Ria


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