Gin + Tonic + Sunshine = Perfect Holiday

Wednesday 10 April 2013
I do love a G&T.  Probably would go as far to say that its my favourite tipple. My eyes were opened to the whole world of premium gin when I went to a G & Teatime class last year. So you can imagine my delight when I spotted a Gin & Tonic bar in our hotel in Tenerife last week.  Iberostar Las Dalias. Although we were all inclusive alas it didn't stretch to the selection from this premium bar but I reckon everyone deserves a treat on holiday.
The selection of premium tonics were almost as exciting to me as the Gins. Not sure if I've been going around with blinkers on but I haven't come across anything more than standard or slimline Schweppes up until now.
The Tonics
Schweppes Traditional
Schweppes Pink Peppercorn
Schweppes Ginger & Cardamom
Schweppes Orange Blossom & Lavender
Fever Tree
Mr. Q Cumber
The Gins
London Gin
Gin Mare
Tanqueray 10
I decided that being in Spain it would be rude not to go for the Spanish Gin Mare and I opted to have it in the suggested combination with the Pink Peppercorn Tonic. There is a real skill to making the perfect G&T and in this case it involved serving in a oversized balloon wine glass filled with lot of ice. The gin and tonic is then carefully poured down a long handled spoon
The next night I opted for another Spanish Gin. Suau from Barcelona accompanied by Mr. Q Cumber. Loved this combination but I think it was probably down to the tonic as much as the Gin. Mr Q. Cumber tasted amazingly good. Like biting right into a cucumber. Fresh, light, zingy,  sparkly perfection.
On our final night I was allowed a last G&T and opted for Mombasa Club with Ginger and Cardamom Tonic. However when it arrived I noticed that the barman had mistakenly used Pink Peppercorn tonic. He apologised profusely and said I could have another on the house.
After dinner we returned for my second attempt at but alas there wasn't actually any ginger and cardamom tonic left, hence the earlier mistake. As an alternative I opted for a Hendricks and my new best mate Mr Q Cumber. Awesome!
Back home and the quest to track down premium Tonics begins. The Gins are easy in comparison. No mention on the Schweppes UK website of anything other than their regular and slimline tonic. Have emailed them and await a response. As for Mr Q Cumber it appears that he hails from Florida USA and currently has no UK distributor. Anyone going to Disney World on holiday and have room to take a case of Mr Q Cumber back in their suitcase for me?


  1. They all sound delicious! Maybe you could try throwing in a few pink peppercorns in to your tonic! Ax

    1. That could be a cunning plan! Apparently G&T is very big in Tenerife/Spain. Who knew?

  2. Sounds lovely. I have gone off Gin and Tonic in the last few months. Perhaps I need to be a bit more adventurous than Bombay Saphire and Schweppes!

    What I really want to know is what the hotel/food/room was like. I have never done anything other than self catering arranged independantly. My inner back packer resists anything else! I do have pangs though ...

    1. My next blog post will be all about the AI food offering - watch this space!

  3. You can get the fever tree in waitrose. . Its pretty good.

  4. Alas my nearest Waitrose is 115 miles away! :-(

  5. I saw Fever Tree Ginger Beer in Sainsbury's at Bridge of Dee the other day - maybe they also stock the Tonic?

  6. Wow! A whole bar dedicated to gin and tonic, now that is heaven. I haven't heard of the flavoured tonics but I swear by Fever Tree and Fentimans, absolutely no nasties in them to spoil your tipple.


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