The not very well Meal Planned Monday

Sunday 17 March 2013
A bit of a last minute chaotic meal plan this week as we are just back from our Glamping weekend and I haven't done my online grocery order. Quick round up of the week just past whilst I procrastinate over this. The porcupines went down a storm and were a great way of eeking out mince. Individual toad in the holes looked great when the photo was taken but a complete disaster as they totally stuck to the tin!
Wednesday night saw our Red Nose Day Bake Off at Cake Club. Quick montage below but I've blogged about it here - Pinnies and Petticoats for Comic Relief. Amazing selection of cakes and bakes as always.
My online shop failed to deliver Orzo and substituted with Orecchiette. However I managed to source some Riscossa from Hammerton Store so Nigella's Pasta Risotto with Peas and Pancetta was duly made. Absolutely loved it. As did both kids. Will definitely become a regular. Friday night was curry night and on the menu was Chicken Korma, Bombay Potatoes, Spinach Pakora and Ratia. I did an Indian Cookery evening class last year which I thoroughly enjoyed and it was great to get all my spices out again and create something myself which is equal to, if perhaps not better, than a takeaway.
As for our weekend at the High Seas Hobbit. The weather was awful but everything else was awesome. Will be blogging all about it later on this week but below is our Saturday night dinner cooked over an open fire. Even in the mud and rain it tasted amazing with all our meaty goodies from Andrew Gordon Butchers.

Monday - Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas
Some breaded sole from the freezer with homemade chips. Assuming I get my finger out the online shop will arrive tonight.

Tuesday - Sweet Potato Wraps
We discovered a fantastic Vegetarian Cafe - Lastbus Works Canteen - whilst on our road trip to the Hobbit and boy wants to recreate what he ate there so we'll give it a whirl.

Wednesday - Mince and Tatties with Doughballs
Keep seeing doughballs appearing on others menu plans and I'm feeling nostalgic for them. Best put Atora on the shopping list.

Thursday - Homemade Cumberland Sausages
Boy got a sausage making kit from Santa and has been nagging for the opportunity to use it so tonight's the night.

Friday - Steak Burgers

Saturday - I'm singing with Rock Choir at a Charity Ball so will leave boy, girl and Foodie Loon to their own devices. That will probably involve freezer rummaging or takeaway.

Sunday - Roast Chicken and all the trimmings including some sort of parsnip bake
My sister recommended the parsnip bake and I'm going to give it a go despite not being a huge fan. Just need to track down the recipe...
As always I'm linking up with Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday. Head on over there to find other bloggers who have put lots more thought into their meal plans for this week than me ;-)


  1. ohh home made cumberland sausage sounds good!

  2. I second the home made cumberland sausage sounding good!

  3. Those wee mini toad in the holes look great! I love that Santa brought your child a sausage-making kit. Another foodie in the family!

    1. Boy is definitely a foodie. He wants to be a Sushi Chef when he grows up!

  4. I've not even heard of half the stuff you've written about!! haha Would love to try some of your food though! xx

  5. Doughballs? are they like dumplings.

    1. I believe they are. Doughballs must be Scottish terminology. Love them whatever you call them!

  6. Those little porcupine meatballs are so cute. And the pasta risotto sounds fab - much check out the recipe.


    1. Both went down really well and were super quick and easy to make - bonus!

  7. Ooh let us know how the sausage making turned out, sounds like fun!


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