Fair Trade Fortnight Bake Off

Tuesday 12 March 2013
I mentioned in last weeks Fair Trade Fortnight blog post that I was going to be helping judge the Fairtrade Bake Off at boy and girls school along with a couple of celebrity guests. The postman delivered Paul and Mary right on time so all that was needed now were the bakes.
Boy opted for Squidgy Brownies based on the recipe from The Great Comic Relief Bake Off booklet and used the following Fairtrade ingredients
vanilla pods
dark chocolate
milk chocolate with butterscotch 
cashew nuts
brazil nuts
Girl baked Double Chocolate Cookies based on a Mary Berry recipe including Fairtrade
white chocolate
milk chocolate
vanilla pods
So my two had their bakes all ready to go complete with the warning that there would be no way they could win as I would be on the judging panel. But would there actually be any other entries?
The pupils didn't let us down. An astounding 130 cakes and bakes. Almost half the school roll had participated and the range and selection on offer was amazing. Fantastic ideas and impressive presentation. Eleven tables absolutely heaving with goodies from each class.
The quality and quantity of the entries was so great that we decided that it would be unfair to just have one overall winner so we chose a winner and two runners up from each class. Even that was a tough task.
I make no apologies for the photo heavy nature of this post. I've only managed to capture a tiny amount of the amazing creations. All the bakers are to be commended just for taking part. The "entry fee" for the competition, and a number of other initiatives held the school as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, was a Fairtrade wrapper. The many hundreds received are going to be made into an art instillation. I can't wait to see it.
I think even Mary and Paul would have had a tough time judging. I was totally stuffed by the end of the proceedings. Adjudicating for The Great British Bake Off would be a walk in the park in comparison. But it was all done for a fantastic cause highlighting Fairtrade Fortnight and hopefully I won't now be the only parent being nagged by my kids if I buy the wrong bananas.

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  1. 130 - that must have been some tackle judging all that! Well done to all who participated.


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