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Monday 28 January 2013
It's #Meal Planning Monday so here we go again. Last week I cooked The Hairy Dieters with added haggis. Another couple of wow dishes from the biker boys plus a couple of also rans. The Paprika Chicken and Chicken and Ham Tangle pie were both really good and will be made again. There was an abundance of sauce left over from the paprika chicken which I blitzed and turned into a bowl of soup for my lunch. The chilli salad bowls were an amazing concept but I didn't rate their chilli recipe and the roasted cod with ham and peppers was disappointingly bland.
Paprika Chicken
Chilli Salad Bowls
Roasted Cod with Ham and Peppers
Masala Marinated Chicken with Minted Yoghurt Sauce
The Masala Marinated Chicken was really good but got very smoky in the oven and by the time the chicken was fully cooked the crust was charred. Would do it again but definitely need to cover with tinfoil midway. We also celebrated Burns Night in style which you can read all about here along with my Whisky Neeps recipe. As for the haggis I promised to report back on our favourite of the two I bought. We hadn't tried either before and opinion was split as to which was the best but both were were deserving of their champion Haggis maker accolades.
My famous Whisky Neeps
Davidsons of  Inverurie at the back and Scott's of Huntly at the front
it's Irn Bru not Whisky!
This week I asked boy and girl to pick some dishes for the meal plan and I chose the others. Foodie Loon is just going to have to eat what he's given.

Monday - Shepherds Pie (chosen by girl)
Tuesday - Seafood Risotto

Wednesday - Arbroath Smokie Croquettes, sweetcorn fritters and beetroot relish
The remainder of my Feast of Fish Croquettes from the freezer with sweetcorn fritters at the request of boy.

Thursday - Asparagus and Potato Soup (chosen by girl)
Not what you would expect my chicken nugget loving and vegetable hating daughter to choose! I made it once and tricked her that it was vegetable soup and she ate it all up and has been requesting it ever since! 

Friday - Orange and Lemon Chicken with Cous Cous (chosen by boy)
This is a favourite dish with us all. Chicken thighs tray baked with red onion, thyme, marmalade, and orange and lemon segments. I'll share the recipe in next weeks post.

Saturday - Out at The Marcliffe Hotel for a Masquarade Ball. Going on previous experience the food will be fantastic.

Sunday - Lamb Shanks (chosen by boy)
Will do these in the slow cooker with lots of root veg and a mint gravy. Served with champ.

There were a bumper 53 blogs linking up last week. Head on over to At Home with Mrs M and see all the meal planning happening this week. There's bound to be something there to inspire you. Happy Cooking.


  1. Sounds like a great menu especially the Orange and Lemon Chicken with Cous Cous...Yum!

  2. We're on the hairy dieters again this week. I agree with you on the chilli, it was disappointing. Gino d acampo does a good three bean chilli and cod with red pesto on his idiet


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