German Street Food

Monday 24 December 2012
The sights, sounds and smells of the Munich Christmas markets tantalise your senses with every step. So much tempting street food on offer that in between breakfast and dinner we ate on the hoof. We couldn't resist for long and our first snack in the markets was Rieberdatschi. This is a deep fried potato pancake served with apple sauce or mayonnaise. You can also sprinkle it with either salt or sugar. If you watched Kirstie's Vintage Christmas last week you would have seen her visit the Munich Markets where she ate at the very same stall.
For those with a sweet tooth Gingerbread or Lebkuchen is found in abundance covered wth chocolate and icing in an assortment of flavours and shapes. Stollen, sweets, chocolates, nuts, cakes and roasted chestnuts are also on offer at every turn. The burnt sugar almonds (Mandeln) have the most amazing smell that draws you towards the stall for a taster.
There are Bratwurst sausage stalls a plenty with a huge selection of different variations up to a foot long. Lots of mustard to accompany or giant bottles of ketchup or mayo if you prefer. Unfortunately we never managed to sample the local specialty of white veal sausage or Munchner Weisswurst. Another good reason for a return visit.
On a visit to the Gay Pink Christmas Market we had to have a Pink Puffer from the Puffervariationen stall. It was a potato cake made with beetroot and accompanied by a horseradish sour cream.
A popular fast food sausage dish is Currywurst. A chopped smoked sausage topped with curry ketchup. A machine magically chops up the sausage into pieces. A mix of curry powder and paprika is sprinkled on the top.
At the Residenz Market we spotted an amazing pastry called a Baumstriezel and had to try it. A thin strip of sweet dough was wrapped round a wooden mould, brushed with butter and sugar and cooked in a tube shape. We had it with sugar and cinnamon but coconut, chocolate, nuts and sprinkles were also on offer.
The sheer range of food available at the markets was phonemonal and the quality was excellent. So much better than the burger and chip vans of the UK and very reasonably priced. The Medieval market had a particularly amazing selection.
I was really pleased to see the star shaped Zimtstrene on sale having had a go at making them myself. Candied fruits was another festive delight on offer in spectacular displays.
Even the rubbish bins got into the festive spirit. If only we could have gingerbread house bins and burger stalls under a Christmas Pyramid Windmill here in the UK perhaps the quality of street food on offer would improve. Wunderbare München. Wunderbares Essen.


  1. I love this post, the pictures have made me so hungry, haha! The German Christmas markets are somewhere I've wanted to visit for absolutely ages, hopefully I'll get to go one day x

  2. This is extremely helpful for my street food project do you happen to do it for other countries???


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