Triangular Food of the Cheesy Kind

Wednesday 12 September 2012
Bzz Bzz. I'm on another secret mission. This time its of a triangular kind of which I have not encountered since my school days.  Not isoscoles or equilateral but Dairylea. Its not something that I normally buy but more than happy to give it a go as a freebie.  Apparently its been around for over 60 years but the current spin aimed at us constantly guilt ridden Mums is that its ingredients are all natural with no hidden nasties.
Even in my small local Tesco there was quite a range of Dairlea products on the shelves. Triangles, Tubs, Dunkers, Slices, Strip Cheese and Lunchables. Lots of packed lunch potential. My BzzAgent voucher was for the triangles or tub and I went for the retro triangles which would usually cost £1.25.
Boy was keen to get stuck in and had one on an oatcake as an after school snack.  He found it a bit of a faff to open to be honest.  Not exactly sure how you are supposed to do it.  There is a red strip to pull which gives you a start but after that it all goes a bit array. The website suggests that you might want to tear off the corner and squeeze out the cheese straight into your mouth.  That would only work for someone with less fillings than me. Tinfoil. Shudder.
Girl wasn't so keen but I snuck one into her packed lunch box fully expecting it to come back uneaten.  She didn't prove me wrong.  I'm thinking she might like it melted when stirred into hot pasta. #clutchingatstraws  I went for a triangular double and had it on an Aberdfeldy Oatcake.  One triangle was great.  The other could best be described as inoffensive.  I'm a big cheese fan but this is just not something that I would choose to eat.  However I could be tempted as part of my current diet regime.  I'm back on the Slimming World waggon aiming to loose a stone before my fast approaching OHNO40 birthday.  This won't mean anything to non SWers but you can have three triangles as your B choice Healthy Extra. (or 5 if you go Extra Light!)  Just saying.
So the verdict.  Triangular cheese - a little parcel of three sided joy?  Our survey said UH-UHHHHH!  Despite its all natural ingredients Its not going to be an addition to our shopping list and there's still 5 in the box if anyone wants one.

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  1. I remember when bzz agent was worth doing your stuff worth less than a fiver.


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