Popping my Venison Cherry

Wednesday 5 September 2012
So the Twitter conversation went...

Aberdeen Butcher
Diced Scottish Venison Haunch just going into the counter

@AberdeenButcher not sure if I should admit that I am scared of venison #venisonvirgin

@FoodieQuine I will take away all your fears and replace them with information and a taste if you like so you can make your mind up :) 

How could I possibly refuse? Especially when @devonwoodsmoke joined in the conversation with a recommendation for Venison Char Sui from his blog.  So off I headed to Carnivore Central to pop my venison cherry. I guess I should confess to some previous fumblings with Bambi. Mostly of the burger and sausage variety. Have also eaten it in a stew which was mediocre and "pan fried" which was seriously overdone #toughasoldboots
One of the great things about Andrew's shop is that he's always willing to pop on the BBQ and give you a taster.  Seasoned only with some salt and pepper and a splash of Ola Rapeseed Oil it was cooked on the grill very briefly like you would a rare steak. 
The quick cooking process left it seared on the outside and beautifully rare on the inside. Now time for tasting. It was absolutely melt in the mouth. Not even a hint of the strong gamey flavour I had expected. Lean, mean and absolutely delicious. I reckon it would also be pretty amazing served cold in a salad.
But to get over my fear I still had to cook some for myself and inspired by Marcus's blog recipe I went for a stir fry. It cost £11.25 for enough meat for three of us - so equivalent to fillet steak price I'd guess. It was so quick and easy to make. Just prep everything beforehand. Fry for literally a couple of minutes in a very hot wok and its done. 
I didn't tell the troops what I was cooking. Husband thought it was veal. Boy thought it was steak.  Even girl who had her own steak and bacon slice as an alternative gave it a go and declared it not chewy.  That's high praise indeed.

So I'm no longer scared.  But Bambi and friends should be.


  1. Brilliant Post! Glad you all enjoyed it, the venison looks perfectly cooked.
    If you want to try a wonderful venison casserole, I have a recipe.....

  2. Must admit I don't cook much venison but I am aware that it is a healthier meat. Your dish looks great. The advantage of a wok on gas!

    Mum x

  3. Hmm this cooking things and not telling your family what they are eating must run in the family! Remember the 'rabbit' incident in Gairloch?? Venison is fab to cook and delicious just cooked as a rare steak :-)


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