I'm a not so secret agent

Friday 10 August 2012
I'm going to Bzz you. Don't worry, I promise it won't be painful and you might even enjoy it.  I'll let you into a secret.  I'm a BzzAgent. Nope its not my superhero alter ego, it just means that from time to time I get supplied with the opportunity to experience a product or service - for free! Sometimes its food, but alas not always. In the past I've done ice cream, pasta sauce, sweetener, yoghurt and chocolate but I've also done less tasty options including toothpaste, shampoo and tampons!

You sign up with BzzAgent, provide your personal details, answer a few questionnaires and wait to be matched with a campaign. When you do you'll get sent the actual product or vouchers to get it free of charge. You then taste/test, report back to Bzz HQ and spread your honest opinion about the product with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos, blog posts and so on. I believe the official terminology is "social marketing".

So this is what I received in the post this week for a Tesco Bakery campaign. Conveniently there's a Tesco in my village so armed with my coupouns off I went for my freebies - a true Aberdonian!  I wasn't even sure if our small store would stock them but it does have an instore bakery so I kept my fingers crossed and my luck was in and I got my free Rock Salt Pretzel and Cheese Breadstick. Alas the only other two options of Plain Pretzel and Cheese & Pepperoni Breadstick were out of stock. There are supposed to be four varieties of each but I guess those are only available in larger stores.  For mere mortals they cost 70 new pennies each.

By the time I got home most of the salt had actually fallen off my pretzel and into my reusable bag (for once I remembered to take one with me!!) so not the best of starts. There were five of us for lunch, me and four small humans. Three of them totally turned up their nose at the pretzel. Adventurous boy and myself were somewhat ambivalent. Rather a dense bagel like texture but not much taste.  Perhaps we were supposed to dip it in or spread it with something.

The cheesy breadstick however was ripped apart by all like a pack of hungry wolves and declared delicious like a "long cheesy croissant straw" which "you must buy this again". So a hit for one and a miss for the other.

Bzz Bzz. Make sure its shaken not stirred. 007 signing out.


  1. I found that all my poppy seeds and salt had fallen off...shame.
    Still, the salt ones were waaaay to salty!

  2. I like the cheese pretzels a lot (actually a little too much!)


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